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  1. Wow - so only 2-3 oz of dichlor in my 400 gal tub and then switch away from dichlor to bleach until the next fill? I tend to add about 1/2 oz / week and I added a full ounce today, so must be getting close. Is there any other indicator of needing to get off the dichlor, like FC dropping off fast or something? The dealer told me to keep FC at a certain level with dichlor (although that is in addition to the Aqua Finesse that he promotes). The bottle of Dichlor (Spa56 from Leisure Time) also suggests keeping FC at 3ppm only with dichlor. Guess I need to read up on what higher CYA does since the program I am on would drive it sky high
  2. Nope ... never shocked it before today. I just brought it up to 10ppm FC. pH was 7.5 (down from before shock) and TA is still only 50-60 (in taylor test, 40 still green, 50 is clear, 60 is red). I'll test pH later when Cl comes down. Couple quick additional questions: I am confused about when to switch from Dichlor to bleach. When Nitro says to add X ppm, are you actually doing a calculation with grams of Dichlor and gallons of tub water? If so, what exactly is that calc? Or just noting the measured ppm of FC, which then drops off, of course. Thanks for clarification on this.
  3. Perfect - thanks - that's the what I needed - the order in which to do the steps. I am on it and will see if I can stabilize over a few days. Thoughts on what happens if/when I add Aqua Finesse? I have two jugs of it, so will figure I'll use it to keep biofilms down and require less Dichlor/Chlorine
  4. Thanks, I use a Taylor k-1005 kit. I don't think I can do CYA with it, but I can do all the other tests. I have not been counting additions of Dichlor as suggested in Nitro's thread. I guess I should try that next fill. Just filled 3 weeks ago. In the mean time, I guess I will get my pH to 7.6 and hope the TA doesn't go too low.
  5. Thanks - I have been reading the Nitro water chem thread and all of the follow ups. Doesn't quite distil down to a target set of actions for my case, but your summary seems reasonable. I did see the pH drift up again over night to above 7.8, so bringing it down sounds like the key target. I guess since I am seeing such direct swings in pH and TA, I am wondering if I should use a different acid or different TA booster. I do use Dichlor, and am still trying to understand (reading) what role it plays in pH and TA ballance.... trying to get there ....
  6. Hi My water is very low Alkalinity (40-50) and high pH (~7.9 or 8). I can not seem to get the TA up to 80 and the pH down to 7.6. I am using baking soda (sodium bicarb) to increase alkalinity and Spa Down (sodium bisulphate) to bring pH down. bringing pH down brings TA down, bringing TA up brings pH up. Appreciate help and suggestions. If there is an existing thread on this topic, please point me to the comments and wisdom. thanks
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