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  1. Hey, Here is a similar post that may give you some good information: http://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/?showtopic=24467. Hope this help!
  2. Hey, Here is a similar post, not sure how helpful you will find it but it addresses similar questions: http://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=27227
  3. It sounds like the pump is turning but not water is flowing through it, which means there may be something causing an obstruction that won't let the water circulate. You can try and see if you can find where the pump is and to see what is happening. A damaged impeller may be causing this. The tub wont heat if there is no circulation, so the pump issue needs to be resolved first.
  4. Algae, including black algae, enters a pool due to a lack of chlorine. In order to prevent algae, you should maintain a chlorine level between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm. In order to get rid of existing algae, brush the algae off the pool to break it up so that algaecide can work more efficiently and effectively. Use this algaecide treatment before you add any more chlorine. You may also consider a chlorine shock treatment to raise the chlorine levels and kill off any algae.
  5. It would be helpful to gather all of the brands and models of all the equipment you are using if possible. If not, your best bet is to contact a local expert as mentioned before that can offer expertise on how all your equipment is working and if it is working properly.
  6. Not sure what browser you may be using, but you may want to try using a totally different browser. I'm using Chrome and don't have any problems with the pop up window. Good luck!
  7. The safest, most accurate, and easiest way to dispense the tablets in question is through a PowerBase Chlorination unit built specifically for Accu-Tab tablets like these chemical feed systems. As waterbear said before, DO NOT MIX trichlor and cal hypo together as it can explode.
  8. After this, I may think twice about getting a "free" hot tub! Hope everything stays working for you!
  9. I would also be afraid of something happening to the shell in this entire process. It could potentially be a lot of wasted money...
  10. Have you looked at Heliocol? It's not solar panels, but looks like small black tubes that absorb heat. This may be a better option for you.
  11. Seems like it would be nice in the winter. Does it ever get foggy? Looks like it would be a hassle to clean.
  12. I am thinking about purchasing a robotic pool vacuum. My buddy has a Polaris which looks great and seems to work well, but it seems to be on the expensive side. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good quality, automatic vacuum, that's decently priced? Thanks!
  13. I just did a little research on how to prevent birds from coming near your pool (some people even have problems with birds pooping in their pools). One easy suggestion was setting up decoys such as a floating snake or alligator. Here's a fun one from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Floating-Alligator-Decoy-by-Aquascape/dp/B001DD84E2.
  14. I agree with toofast, personal opinion is fiberglass, just needs to be installed correctly and it will be a great option for you!
  15. Not sure what type of cover you have, but I can't imagine it matters much, probably more of which color you like best!
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