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  1. I have a HotSprings Landmark from 1995 it has the original cartridge heater and a new circ pump. The problem is that when I turn up the temperature the breaker pops. I've tested the heater and get 9.9 ohms. Any ideas?
  2. These are for 1996 see if it will work for you http://polo.nanosquid.com/spa/1996 vista collection.pdf http://polo.nanosquid.com/spa/1996.pdf
  3. Ok so I installed a new/used Watkins 5002 circ pump yesterday in my spa and it works great, but the spa now gets way to hot (around 115F) when I checked it and turned it off when I turn the thermostat knob you can here the relay clicking iv tried to let it sit un-powered for an hour or so and turn it back on the but the pump immediately goes into its second speed as if it need to heat up the pool more but the pool is still really hot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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