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  1. Update. Heater is fine. Luckily. It is heating at the default tempature of 100. It is just the control panel that keeps flashing down to 60 degrees. One time after a few power cycled I got Sn code (non functional high tempature sensor.) at which point I took out my filter (pretty dirty and needed to be swapped) and after another power cycle worked fine for about 24 hours. Now I'm back to keeping at 100 with flashing display. New filter coming Monday, not like that matters though. I also replaced display panel about a year ago and all buttons are still fine. Any ideas?
  2. Hey everybody, Thank you in advance. I have a 2006 dream maker spa x400. I noticed when I hoped in today it was a bit cooler. I looked at the display and noticed it was flashing at 60 degrees. (Lowest number temp. Gauge reads) after a few unplugs on spa, and of the control panel, I was still getting the same thing. When I powered panel back on I noticed it jumped to 97 degrees, which seemed like about the correct tempature the water was. The panel immeiately starts falling in temp, flashing, until it hits 60. The pump did come on while I was out there, which was interesting. I could, if pressed quickly, hit the up button and get the flashing temp to rise, but would instantly fall back again. The other buttons (pump/light) weren't responding. But when the pump auto turned on the pump button did light up. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! -John
  3. I am too am quite interested in this if anyone else has opinions?
  4. yea, it is really hard to tell what it actually is. but that isn't a half bad idea. my fear is that it has been 4 days now since it has been there. and maybe too late. I guess we'll see
  5. Hey everyone, I am hoping someone could help me out here. My local pool supply store wasn't sure, so I thought I would try here. Thursday afternoon I emptied my hot tub, (routine) rather than fill it right back up I didn't fill it back up until the following afternoon. (I did leave the lid half off) As to be expected the syphon emptied all except for small leftover puddles in the seats, and the bottom floor. I don't know why, nor has it happened before, but heavy white residue was left in those spots. ( PIC: http://postimg.org/image/w1zzxabzj/ ) The hot tubs chemicals hadn't be tweaked (nor do I use a floater) in approx. 1.5 weeks due to business travel. I try rubbing this very ugly spots off when the rough side of a sponge before and after re-filling, but to no avail. I even purchased a liquid that is suppose to help stain and build up in the plastics that you put in when re-doing chemicals, but nothing thus far. Does anyone have an idea. I already miss the beautiful nice finish the hot tub had before all of this! Here is a link to view the spots left. Any help is greatly appreciated! http://postimg.org/image/w1zzxabzj/
  6. Anyone have any idea on how to investigate this valve, that may not be closing all the way?
  7. Ok, I took apart the dials. O rings are ok, but not perfect. I can replace as a precaution. Once the dials were off the air was still fluctuating out. Interesting note. When i plug in the hot tub into outlet you can hear the air initially chunk out of air. The best i can describe is when a car starts on a rough starter. It kind of farts out air for second, and then goes to the fluctuating shown above. I was able to figure out that the topside control has nothing to do with the fluctuating of air, I unplugged it, and air continued to act weird.
  8. Ok, i will take off the cover and check it out. So you don't think that has anything to do with the topside control acting all weird? I am wondering if I should still pursue replacing it.
  9. TO CLARIFY, this is with the air pump dials turned to OFF. Also, here is a video of the topside control panel acting weird, plus the clicking noise coming from the light (i believe) in the engine compartment, should you guys think this may have something to do with the other problem??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2S-Hl_Gucs
  10. Hey everyone, looking for some guidance here. I bought a used 2006 dreammaker x400 about 2 weeks ago. All is well, except for a few problems. (I guess with how complicated these things are, i was bound to have one or two problems) 2 nights ago I accidentally left one side of the air pumps on. (not sure if this has anything to do with it) and now when I go out, all the air pumps on both sides engage every few seconds for a one push of air. I'm not sure why it is doing this, or how to stop it. It seemingly is also triggering the heater to stay on way longer than it should. I am used to being on for 10 min every 50-60 minutes or so. but it seems to be on constantly right now. My only thought it the topside control unit. It is pretty warn down, and I think it is starting to fart out a bit here and there. (i am getting random clicking from the light, and the control display reads "56" whenever i try to change temp.) Any thoughts? I am posting a video of the noise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2oGfiW-yXI Thank you, any help and advice is appreciated. -John
  11. Hi everyone. So I finally bought my first spa. My wife and I are so excited. It is a 2006 Dream Maker Spa, x400.120 volt. So, we hooked it up last saturday, and everything is going very well. Starting last night, after my wife pressed the light button once or twice, (could have just been a coincidence timing wise) the spa started acting weirdly. A small clicking noise started to come from the engine area. The light would be on it's fade program, but flashing intermittently with the speed of the clicking. Also the display would go back to its default 100 degree setting (the default temp after plugging it in) and when you try to push the temp. up or down via buttons, it would flash "56" then go back to allowing me to attempt to change temperature. Last night when it first started, we tried a few power cycles by unplugging spa, and plugging in, to success. Then when we got back in tonight, it started again after 15 min or so. Things that might affect, that I have just found out. (we just moved into this home, so still learning the power situation) The breaker it is on is a 15 amp breaker, (hot tub takes 12 amps) that also, (at least, but could be more) controls the lights to 2 of the four bedrooms. (problem happens with lights on or off currently) I AM using a high gauge 25 foot. (i only needed it to be about 3-6 feet, but couldn't find a shorter one) extension chord. Doesn't seem like that could be the issue but worth throwing out there. The control panel could use some new clear silicone around the edge of the control panel, and the buttons aren't perfect from when it was brand new (just seems to have a little bit of wear, although all the buttons still work fine none the less) So....is there anyone who has any idea as to what this may be? Sorry for all the info, just know people smarter than I sometimes need all this information. Any advice really helps. Thank you in advance. -John
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