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  1. Outdoor Hot Tub Base Of Gravel And Wood?

    The tub I'm looking at made by clearwater that is 74x74 it's a- 4-5 person tub. Clearwater spas has many models that are 74x4, but your smallest pad is 96x96, and that won't work for me. I
  2. Solar Cover for Spa

    Ah, yea, that looks exactly like my pool solar cover! Ha, probably same material. THe only real way to test it one month with it off, and one month with it on I may add a meter when my tub is hooked up so I can know the exact amount it's drawing for fun. Meter is cheap I hear.
  3. Solar Cover for Spa

    Cool. link to it? I'd think it could only help.... How much do you think your electric bill is addtional per month? And what KW rate are you at?
  4. So, you fix it? And what model Clearwater?
  5. Solar Cover for Spa

    I think I read this really helps??? Am I right?
  6. As I was doing more thinking, I think it's better than the marquis for my application because it's going to be fully recessed into screened in porch deck, which is 35" off the ground, which I think will work out better if and when there is a leak (porch it's surrounded by removable lattice wood so you can get inside access). If I went with a full foam tub and it leaked, there isn't going to be an easy way to find a leak in a full foam tub (i've seen videos when a full foam tub leaks they had remove the tub sometimes to find the source of where the leak is at) which won't be something I can do recessed. I wasn't thinking about this before, but again, for what I'm doing this may be better not having full foam?
  7. Bio Mold In Marquis Spa

    This seems to be what you want as that other product you used didn't do the job... The stuff you want is: AHH-SOME. Read this! http://boisediesel.com/blog/2016/7/spa-purge
  8. Can you add the pics again? FOr some reason can't see them. This sounds very nice.
  9. Recessing Spa Into Existing Deck?

    I never ending up doing this project but think I'm going to now. Anymore installed pics by people recessing into their deck? And when you say patio stones instead of concrete, what do you mean? Or XPS insulation (10 cm thick) , never thought od that. How's it holding up?
  10. Bio Mold In Marquis Spa

    wow, very detailed write-up. So if I'm buying a used spa, I'd want to do this first with the ahhsome?
  11. Energy consumption

    I'd like to k now aprox for all your guys how much your electric bill went up after adding the spa aprox? ALSO, why doesn't anyone heat their spa with propane? If you have a pool heater most use propane to heat their pool. Why doesn't anyone do that with these type of tubs? They'd heat up to any temp super fast.
  12. Outdoor Hot Tub Base Of Gravel And Wood?

    Yea, photobucket is crazt if you ask me. Would be cool to see pics. You can use another free site also called http://imagetwist.com/
  13. I wanted to update this, I'm back to the clear water spa in the my original post at the top (the guy with th marquis still had no water in it). They came down to $1,500 on the clearwater. It was at 102° when I looked at it. Each side of the tub has it's own pump for the jets which I tested, and I think it has a circ pump? not 100%, but does have ozone, see pics below. I think it's 5-6 years old aprox. Some more pics: http://imagetwist.com/97pz32sjpi0v/unnamed__26_.jpg http://imagetwist.com/ig8v2108xtme/unnamed__25_.jpg http://imagetwist.com/3sgiy6iq5rmr/unnamed__23_.jpg
  14. Pad: Concrete Or Crushed Stone?

    PIcs aren't displaying anymore, can you post them again>?