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  1. Do your LED Jandy lights still work? My spa light died in 1 year, pool light died in 3 years. Replaced both and now pool light is dead again. $700 LED lights should last longer than 2 years. Not sure what to do now.
  2. Just to report back, it's been 7+ months since replacing sensor. All is good!
  3. I found 2 dead birds floating in pool. I googled it and seems like finding dead birds in pools is common. Anyone have an idea on why birds die in pools? Do they not swim?
  4. Thanks Pool Clown, I did that and I think everything's working again. I do seem to see cell resting and reversing a lot now, but at least the "no flow" light is gone. I clicked on the "Like This" button on your post but I got an error message of "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" Which is weird because your post is the only one I've ever clicked on the button for. Sincere thank you.
  5. Hi everyone- I have a 3 yr old Jandy model Apurem and PL1400 No flow and cell reversing lights were on. Sensor was white epoxy. Replaced with a new one with black epoxy with little circuit board on the connector. It flowed for awhile and now it says no flow again, but cell reversing light is NOT on. Hi Pool Clown, any ideas on what to do? The water flow look normal and system is clean. Thanks
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