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  1. Alittle background; I have a 10,000 gallon salt water pool with an Aqua Rite generator, R 1.4, I had the pool installed in 2006 and 3 yrs ago my Cell failed and made the "mistake" of calling the guys who put my pool in and they went and got me a Hayward Turbo Cell T-15 for the bargain price of $650. Fast forward to present day: found out my T-15 failed 3 months after the warranty expired. so searching online I found a great price on a Hayward Turbo Cell T-3, which all indications showed it was a viable replacement. but after I got it I find it needed firmware of 1.5 or better, so Im back to the drawing board with a brand new cell that isn't compatible. Question: can I upgrade my firmware? or Do I have to buy a new motherboard? if so any suggestions... Thanks in advance...I can be reached also at jfw22@cox.net Jim
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