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  1. I just restarted my spa after having it off for some time. Did the cleaning and rinsing and then filled it up. When the water level was correct I powered the spa back on, left the mode in standard and set the temp way down to about 81 matching ambient temp as I'm just making sure all is good before heating things up. I tested pumps #1 and #2 and they operate fine on high and low. Also I could see the circulation pump running with the little bubbles trickling from the port. Then it just brought up the FLO warning, the solid FLO now blinking. With the sides off and viewing the flow swi
  2. Well I've got a slow leak problem with my spa, I've seen several different "leak" product and just wonder what people's experience with these products has been. I've seen two types, one is the type that you add to the water and it "Finds" and "Seals" the leak??? The other product I'm curious about is a thing called Plast-Aid, it is a PVC repair product that is like an epoxy that can be applied to hoses, fittings etc. All comment welcomed, my spa has been offline for too long, it's time to fix it!
  3. Great input, when I get ready to replace mine I'll know that there are some new things to look for. I realize that the formed/solid type would have some restrictions, but many top I've seen are just square or hex of a certain size so I would have expected the same thing. Either way no problem, not looking to break into the business with an new product :-)
  4. Just curious, it seems that covers have not changed really in 10-20 years, why not something new. I know it might be a bit more expensive going in but the vinyl clad material based solution seems poor for something that has to endure the elements. Has any one considered a fiberglass/plastic shell material that would stand up to greater exterior issues like sun and moisture? The foam core could be put into the underside and be sealed in place or maybe even made replaceable? Seems like with the advances in boatbuilding materials this would have made it's way here too? Maybe I just don't
  5. I have a very similar symptom with my 1998 Sundance Altamar. I also am getting the FLO code. Monday I got this FLO code so I removed the filter and restarted the system and it was fine. I installed a new clean filter and let it go and it was OK until last night and I see the FLO again. I have the side covers off to see the flow switch that is transparent working. When I bump up the temp, the pump kicks in to run the heater and I see the flow switch making contact. When I bring the temp down I can watch as the pump stops and the flow switch opens up and hear the heater kick off. It woul
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