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  1. So my Jandy Heater has the Shorted H20 Sensor fault - does this mean the pressure switch has gone bad? Is this easy to replace? Jandy LRZ 400ep Thanks!
  2. Can you help me to find it? Is it similar to the other sensors? Coincidentally this happened after we our heater propane tank filled -
  3. Thanks so much for reponding Spa Guru! The temp sensor for my pool and jacuzzi works properly - I am only getting the error message on the Jandy heater itself. So there is a different temp sensor in the heater unit itself? (I am not familiar with the heater, never had issues before) I replaced the temp sensor itself (it has failed before, so that was my first guess) The temperature is accurate on my Hayward Aqua Pod and Goldline panel box - I don't get any errors here. The jacuzzi was not heating up, so I looked on the heater panel itself - it has the error - so the rest of my system does not recognize any issues..... So for my clarification - I have the air temp sensor - the water temp sensor on the top pvc pipe between my filter and heater... Both of which are working.... I will go down and open the heater when I get a chance to see if I can figure out what I am looking for inside of it. It is something wrong only on the heater panel - no errors show with the rest of my system It is a salt water pool..... I appreciate your help. This is driving me crazy, as it is the first issue I have not been able to fix on my own!
  4. I need some help trouble shooting this error message on my Jandy Heater!!!!! "Shorted H20 Sensor" I have replaced the Water Sensor which is in the pipe between the filter and the heater - (thinking this was what the error was regarding, I should have known better) Is there a sensor actually inside the unit which I can replace? Or could this be a board problem...... Heater is 3 years old..... Jandy LRZ 400ep
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