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  1. H, I have a Jandy LX heater, about 5 years old. When I turn on the heater, it sounds like it's trying to start but the blower never kicks in, and it eventually the system shuts down. I manually rotated the fan inside the blower so I can get the blower to turn on, but the first cycle should run at the highest speed, then cycle into a lower fan speed when the igniters kick in. The blower though, never reaches that high rate of speed, and it idles for about 1-2 mins then the system shuts down. We had the pool guy out, who wants to replace the blower for around $575, but after reading on this forum about obstructions (especially during seasons of disuse), I want to explore that first. I would like to pull the blower, but the pool guy said that there are two blowers, one on the other side of the unit, which is too hard to get to without breaking things. What do you make of this? Do you think it's worth pulling the blower at the entrance of the heater at least? Or does it just sound like a blower that's simply trying its hardest to die? C Crawford
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