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  1. ok, sorry...that should be fixed now.
  2. here's my photobucket profile... http://s1367.photobucket.com/user/jrodbrown58/library/Jarreds%20Photobucket?sort=3&page=1 Hope fully this works
  3. Here's some of the pics i have...i havent taken any of the pump or heater yet and im not at home right now to do so. Well that's it. Thanks!
  4. Not sure if this is the right forum or not but im a first time spa/hot tub owner and i recently just bought an old 1992 hot tub/spa and i have no clue what im needing or if i need anything at all and the other is im not sure on how to hook up all the hoses and what not. Here's what I have a 1992 ANH inground spa/hot tub, a heater, a pump, and hoses to the jets...looks like its only water hoses though not sure on that really. The control panel has three push button style controls that are currently hooked up to nothing at all since im not sure what i'm doing. Can anyone provide me with a manual
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