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  1. Thank you for your reply. We actually wet tested the nautilus today and loved it. Great variation in jets and seating positions. I am 6' and my wife around 5' 2" and we both were comfortable in different areas in the hot tub. I especially enjoyed the neck jets on the adjustable headrest and the room in the open seating. My wife liked the overall experience and the ability to turn off the jets in her area as she doesnt like a lot of pressure hitting her. Didn't bother going to wet test the vanguard as the dealer was pushy and acted too much like a stereotypical used car salesman. The D1 salesman was great to work with and was very knowledgeable about his brand and both hot springs and sundance. He also didn't try to degrade the other brands we discussed. I think we received a fair deal with the hot tub and cover, upgraded steps, liquid fx package, higher end escutcheons, and cover lift plus tax for about $9,300.00. Gave a deposit today and hope to have the hot tub within 3 weeks or so.
  2. I have been trying to research hot tubs for weeks. Narrowed it down to a D1 Nautilus and Hot Springs Vanguard. Any thoughts about the two? Is it fair to compare the two "as apples to apples" so to speak? hot springs is $900 more than the D1... and hot springs dealer pushing the energy efficiency angle hard..
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