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  1. Update: disconnected the circ. pump, and now power will stay on. If I also power the heaters, I now get the blinking red light. Time to replace the circ. pump. And, a correction: not 20 and 50 amp breakers; it's 20 and 30 (I'll blame eyesight and memory). Reading elsewhere in the forum, I came across references to water coming from the inlet to the tub as hotter than normal being an indication of a circ. pump slowing down (makes sense). That's a clue I missed. I did notice a few days ago that the water seemed hotter than normal when my foot was over the inlet, but didn't think much about
  2. Hot Springs Sovereign; I think we got it around 2000. S/N is IQ2A2015; it has the IQ2000 controls, and is wired for 220. Two GFCI breakers- a 20A that runs the controls and circulation pump, and a 50A for the heaters and main pump. After a brief power outage two days ago, every time I reset the smaller, 20A breaker, it instantly trips. I replaced the breaker but problem continues. After the power outage, water backed up into the Ozone unit. I've disconnected the Ozone electrically but no change in behavior. I removed the metal bracket that obstructs the main board, didn't see any obvio
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