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  1. Sorry I'm on a break at work and don't have brand names, but I'll do the best I can to describe my problem. My pool has a small mesh filter attached to the end of the cleaner hose that fits in the pool wall. We have a lot of trees that drop debris in the fall and spring, and this filer gets plugged multiple times a day basically shutting down my pool cleaner. The trees aren't dropping as much now that it's summer, but the filter still gets clogged daily. Once I hose it out and replace it, the sweep works great. The problem is that I don't have time to do that every day, so my pool looks like Loc Ness. I talked with a buddy of mine who does pool service, but unfortunately is too busy to do a housecall for me, and he said that filter should only need a cleaning every couple of months. He said most only need semi or annual cleanings. He said this indicated something upstream in the pump that's broken. I'm a web developer not a pool guy. Can anyone suggest where I'd start? The pool is a lovely combination of green and brown algae now. I had the chemicals absolutely dialed in two weeks ago, but unless I clean that wall filter daily the chemicals go south on me. Thanks in advance - sleepydad
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