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  1. Sadly, I never did solve this particular problem and have had the spa run-but-never-heat for Winter 2012 and just drained it for Winter 2013. Unfortunately, some water managed to get in and I didn't discover until far too late that the cover was broken. It re-froze (ah, Michigan) and I have some leaks... well, somewhere. I tried looking for them manually but I didn't want to tear the foam out. I tried some goop that runs through the system and seals small holes. That worked, but not for long. The slightest pressure or just warmer water ended that. So, even though I bought a nice new cover, it
  2. Hmm. OK, here's what I know and what I don't know. 1- I know the filter is completely clean and the flow isn't being obtructed there, at least. It's a CalSpa QUEST 2000 with an Ozone cartridge that I've never replaced. I've not even looked inside the blue box that contains the cartridge. Could that be a factor here? 2- Pressure switch... I think I know where that is and I've adjusted it manually before. It's on the right side of the heater and has a button in the middle and a dial I can turn to adjust activation pressure. I forget the units but I believe the scale was from 1-5 or so. Should
  3. Hello. I've got an older CalSpa 2000 and it runs well during the summer, heating to 100+ degrees as needed, but the outdoor temps tended to be from 75-95 degrees. It appeared to heat well simply by having the cover on, but I noticed if I had the temp set to 100, it would drop to mid-90s even during the summer. The pump would run constantly and the heat light would never come on unless I turned the pump to high speed with the "jets" button and that only lasts about 15 minutes each time. So, I'd have to wait around and hit the jets button every so often to get it to (and keep it at) the desired
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