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  1. Well, I've determined that my filter housing is kaput......the check valve spring in the bottom is is broken. Can't find a replacement part (thought it was a DynaFlo...but it's not.) and probably couldn't replace the valve anyway based on the location. Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and change the entire housing out. Fortunately, easily accessible...and I found the cost is less than $80 bucks. Dynaflo makes 2 types of filter housings available in the size I need; a "high volume" 15 gal per minute, and a "low volume" 8 gal per minute. How do I decide which filter "volume" I need? Is one better than the other. Does it have any affect on jet pressure, etc?Thanks.
  2. Well, I think I may have found the problem. I hope someone can tell me. At the bottom of the filter housing is a flap, looks to be on a spring. The spring appears broken. I can move the flap manually....but it stays where I put it. Should it be on a spring system?
  3. OK, Not sure what the issue may be then. When I block the weir with my hands, it keeps on sucking......not really letting up as far as I can tell. Maybe the footwell suction grate is partially blocked up. Didn't really check that out. The tub has been sitting for probably 2-3 years outside....covered...but plenty of pine needles, leaves, etc had to be cleaned out of it, and there was plenty of stuff blowing around the water when I cranked it up even though I cleaned it good. .
  4. Hello All. I recently acquired a hot tub from a friend who bought a home where the spa was left behind. Being It was in good shape, I took it, wired it up (with help from this forum) and voila, she's running fine. However, I do have a few concerns/questions about the filter system. This spa uses a WaterWay DynaFlow.....like this one: It sits in my tub in this position: Does anyone know how these filter/skimmers work? Is the skimmer weir supposed to float at the water's height? When I turn on the jets, the skimmer weir sinks back into the filter basket housing. Is that what it's supposed to do? Also, the suction feels DANGEROUSLY high when the jets are on. I mean, it really pulls hard. With nothing covering the area,,,,,I'm worried about someone getting too close and ..........well......better not to think about that. Thanks for any info that might help me out.
  5. Thanks guys. I'll use the 4 #6 wires and run them through flex aluminum conduit and clamp to the rafters. I don't want to skimp....a few more bucks for piece of mind is ok by me.
  6. Hello All, I acquired a hot tub from a buddy who bought a new home with the tub left behind. He didn't want it, and the tub was in really nice shape, so I figured what the heck? I've read as much as I could about how to wire up the tub correctly and to code. Not looking for a shortcuts, but would like to save what dollars I can. It's a 220 / 50 amp set up. The tub sits on my deck. I was able to run four #6 THWN wires from the tub to the shut off box mounted on a deck post (about 6 feet away) from the the tub. I ran these wires in pvc under the deck to the tub. (The deck is high enough off the ground that I can crawl and work under it pretty easily.) Anyway.... My question in in regards to running the wire from the breaker box located in my basement to the outside disconnect box. Inside the house, I need a run of about 55 feet from the breaker to the outside basement wall. From the outside wall, there's another 20 feet or so to the disconnect box. The 20 feet outside will also be run under the deck in pvc. I would like to use 6/3 romex with the bare ground inside the house, as it would be easy to pull through the rafters, around a corner, and out through some cement block without too much difficulty. Plus, I was hoping to avoid having to conduit that 55 ft run in the basement. Again, once outside, I would use the separate #6 THWN wires in conduit to the disconnect. I would like to splice the 2 types of wire together in a junction box mounted (but accessible) on the outside wall under the deck. However, the ground wire for the 6/3 romex seems to be only about 10 gauge in size when looking at it at the store. Is that too small? Can I go from a 10 gauge ground in the romex inside the house to 6 gauge THWN ground which then runs to the disconnect box? Would I use a split bolt connector or something else? Thanks.
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