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  1. Hello all, I have never posted here and just thought I would give you all a try at helping me figure out whats going on with my hot tub.... We recently bought a house with a hot tub already in it. The hot tub was up and running when we bought it. I drained, cleaned and filled it and it ran perfect for about 2 months. One day I noticed the temp was at 100 and would not reach the 103 setting that I had it at. Thinking it was a flow issue, I changed the filter and it heated right back up and ran perfect for about 2 more weeks. It again dropped temp, but this time to 102 and would continually run at 102 and never turn off (trying to reach the 102 setting) . I bought a new filter and changed it with no luck as it still ran continually. I did a bit of research and changed both temp probes thinking they were sending a false temp reading. After I drained it, changed the probs, re-filled it it heated up to my 103 setting and turned off. The next day, the temp is again at 102 and runs continually trying to reach 103. I decided to pull the filter out and see if it was again a bad filter.... it ran at 102 for 2 hours continually and never reached 103. Im not sure what else is going on... anyone else have the same issue? Its a 2004 Colman Maxx Spa, 631 series.
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