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  1. I was seconds away from ordering a new circuit board, since it's getting below freezing at night now and I can't risk a freeze up, while waiting for a board repair. I was working with the folks over at spacare.com who are really really helpful and quick to respond. I tried everything they suggested. Then I decided I would check the GFCI breaker a little closer and found that it was the GFCI. I had just put a new one in back in July, so I had basically written that off as a possibility. Well it WAS the GFCI! Everything is back up and running.
  2. The clicking is coming from the little black part (relay?) in the lower left corner of the circuit board. It's kind half hidden by the big green wire.
  3. From everything I've read a constantly tripping breaker is almost always a bad heater element. So I took a chance and replaced it. No luck. I reset the breaker and I immediately hear a click in the in the equipment bay and the GFCI breaker is tripped. I've tried unplugging the motors and the ozone module from the main board, reset again, with the same results. Any suggestions?
  4. Just want to update this post with the final outcome. I sent the board in for repair to SpaCare.com. They were very helpful walking me through trouble shooting, until eventually it had to be sent in. It was diagnosed to "Replace 9 volt zener diode." Whatever that is. Cost was $160, shipped. A far cry from a replacement board at $700. They were good at communicating through the process. I shipped it on the 13th and I got it back on the 29th. I reinstalled it and everything is working fine. My only complaint was the terrible packaging for the return shipment. They used the same box, with half the packaging I used and the box was crushed and had a large hole in the side of it. I had put the board in a static proof bubble wrap envelope and the lots of other bubble wrap. Upon return, the static proof bubble envelope was laying in the bottom of the box and hadn't even been used. Any decent tech would know what it is and would re-use it. I am actually quite surprised it even worked considering how bad the box looked. I wouldn't use them again for this reason.
  5. All the general equipment rental dealers have them here in Minnesota. Not to mention about every other person in my neighborhood has one! I paid about $30-40 for the day I think.
  6. After talking with a spa circuit board repair service they suggested I send it to them and it was likely a board problem. That seems to make sense as it seems there is not much else it could be at this point. So, I packed up the board and control panel and sent it off for repair. I hope this fixes it!
  7. There is no flow. Nothing is running. Just OHH flashing. I did remove the filters early in the trouble shooting process with no change.
  8. Both sensors have not been replaced with new ones. Same problem, no change. I also tried unplugging all lights, Ozone kit, heater, and both motors from the circuit board. Same problem, no change. I suspect I am now looking at a circuit board problem.... What do I try next?
  9. I don't think it would be a problem. I moved mine a couple times now and used a snowmobile trailer both times. They are great because they are, cheap to rent, flat all the way across and have a tilting feature so it's easier getting the spa on and off. I also used 1" pvc pipe to roll it around on which made it super simple to slide across a driveway or patio. Good luck!
  10. I went to the dealer this morning and they only had 1 sensor in stock, so I grabbed it. I tried installing it at both locations. No change...display still flashes OHH before I even see Pr on the display. I tested the Ohms of both original sensors and the new one (I suppose I should have done this first). Everything is testing within spec according to this chart: http://www.spacare.com/balboasensorresistancevalues.aspx I also tried changing the dip switch to "test mode" and there is no change. But I was just guessing that this might bypass the sensors altogether.
  11. I came out to find a flashing OHH Code on the display panel. Nothing else is running or works. Display buttons don't function either. I turned power off and back on and the display never gets to the prime code like it normally does when it starts up. Can anyone tell me where to start with the troubleshooting process? I have searched and some say bad pumps, or motors or sensors or boards. I just don't know where to start. The local deal is over a week out before they can get to come look at it. I guess that's fine, I usually prefer to fix things myself.
  12. Yes, it's been working just fine as far as I can tell. I don't have much reference from before it was replacd, so I can't say how much difference it makes.
  13. Well good to know it "normal" and not a problem. I sure didn't want to have to pull that motor. Would it be a bad idea, if I wrapped the pipes with something like one of these products to deaden the sound/vibration? It might also help decrease heat loss from the pipes into the equipment area. I'm guessing the spa pak should be left alone so it can dissipate the heat and keep the circuit board cool?
  14. I ended up with the JED 103 ozone generator, just because my dealer had them in stock, they were $107 and they had been installing them as replacements regularly on the Marquis tubs. Install took about 15 minutes and I'm in business. I'll be curious to see how it effects my chemical balance and use. Although, I'll probably not be able to tell very much, since I don't have a solid handle on the whole chemical thing yet. Anyway, I figure for $100 it can't hurt and if it means less chemical in the tub, that will work for me!
  15. Mine did start heating faster as it got warmer...still, like you, not fast enough though. Congrats on your tub. I'm amazed how much I love ours. I was rather indifferent about the whole idea. I did it for my wife...sure glad I did!
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