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  1. Pulled the Heater Relay Circuit board and all looks fine.. Pulled the main control board and it looks good too. I did find that the ground going to the heater relay circuit board was not "tight".. The spade connector was not what I would call a tight connection. Cleaned all the connections and re-assembled and so far it's working normally. Not fully up to temp yet but I set it lower and heat cuts off. All motors cycle as they should.. Keeping fingers crossed.
  2. I have a Caldera Geneva that was working fine but my wife noticed that it went into the daily clean cycle and never came off. She powered it off at the breaker. I powered it on today and when you power it up and the clean cycle starts it never stops. It does not show it's in clean cycle but assuming that's what's happening. About 1 year ago we had a similar issue where it ran continually and would heat until you shut it off. I had to replace a conrol board.. I thought maybe a relay is sticking? any idea where to start troubleshooting? Thanks, Fred
  3. (Well I realized I put this in the WRONG forum.. Sorry, newbie here and I thought I could delete and repost but have not figured that out yet.. Sorry) I've had the spa since new, just started this the other day. I cut power after I discovered it never shuts off, the #1 pump seems to continually run. I removed the filter, drained, refilled and same condition occurs, tried with the filter removed and same condition. I did check the ozonator and when I disconnected it from the injector valve, a continual stream of water was shooting out.. So thought I should check the ozonator, when I opened it up it was totally corroded to the point that the fuse had fallen off.. In short when I power the spa up - Starts normally, goes into cleaning mode - Water starts to heat, let it run until water got up to 94 degrees - Can see the lights on the control panel, when I moved the temp setting lower I could hear the relay engage and the light for the heater went out - After about 10 min from start up if looking at the little indicator on the top control, you can see the depiction on the conrol that the pump is on (looks like water from the jet swirling out) This goes out but the pump continues to run (and it's not the circulation pump I am referencing) and run.. I let it run for 40 min then cut power. - I do know the ozonator injector was clogged, I cleaned this out the best I could.. Now it creates a vacum and I did run some white vinegar through and I do plan to replace the injector, tubing, check-valve, and ozonator. Any recommendation on ozonators? Could this also have trashed the pressure switch? Really not sure where to start troubleshooting the pump running all the time.. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Fred
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