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  1. Got it. I'll try to pay more attention to the dates. Thanks!
  2. It sounds like the heater relay is sticking on sometimes. The "electric kettle" noise on boot is water boiling in the heater manifold before the pump turns on. Vice versa, after tub is up to temp and pump shuts off, heater stays on. Another possibility (now that I see the condition of the heater studs) is that the element has a pinhole or fracture in it's coating and is conducting to ground through the surrounding water via line 2 from the high limit. This is a dangerous condition if the GFCI is not functioning or not present. Do not enter or touch the water until you have a qualified technician address this issue. spokanespas
  3. Good eye ciderjack! The cap kit is available on ebay - search for "Sundance Spas capacitor set". Repair available from yours truly. spokanespas.com
  4. Not Artesian but Balboa. We don't repair spasides other than cord end plugs and overlays. spokanespas.com
  5. The replacement control's heater wattage must be compatible with the type of pump being used. If you post some pics of the equipment maybe we can get to the bottom of the flow issue. spokanespas.com
  6. I've warranty replaced at least a half dozen of their latest touchscreens in the last six months. The ones I run across either have the lines on the screen or are completely blank. Most are mounted inches from the waterline and are exposed to all the heat, humidity, and chemicals they can handle, until they can't. IMO it's a mistake when the hot tub manufacturer mounts them in the tub instead of in a molded area on the top lip. Hopefully big B will beef up the waterproofing or, save the touchscreens for cell phones. spokanespas.com
  7. Just FYI for future spa owners with this same problem, we do these relay replacements all the time. spokanespas.com
  8. The disk looks like it's a broken off piece of a bromine floater. Absolutely remove it and yes, you'll also want to ditch the Eco Pur two stage filter and just use the same type single stage filter the other side uses. The Eco Pur filters clog quickly, starve the circuit pump, and are expensive. For these circ pump/low flow applications I recommend Pleatco brand filters as their open core design allows more water flow even as the filter media clogs over time. Good luck, spokanespas.com
  9. Sounds like a sticking heater relay. OH may not occur during filtration cycle because water is still moving through heater but when water flow stops and heater relay is stuck on the high limit will trip. This is a repairable failure. spokanespas.com
  10. Spokane Spas Inc. for hot tub board repair.
  11. Sounds like a stuck on flow or pressure switch. When the error occurs remove one wire from flow switch, error should clear. If it's a pressure switch it may be out of calibration, adjust out then back in to 2psi.
  12. If you have "- - - -" on display and the spaside still responds to jet, light, temp button pushes there is a flow error. If you have "- - - -" on display and the spaside is unresponsive there is a high limit error. Low flow can cause either of these issues. Possible causes are dirty filter, weak or restricted circulation pump, bad flow sensor, or bad high limit. Remove your filter and see if the error goes away. If so, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. Cartridge filters should be cleaned monthly and replaced annually. Brandon@spokanespas.com
  13. Sounds like a bad connection where the temperature sensor plugs in to the circuit board. Possible cold solder joint on the receptacle pins. Possible bad sensor. Brandon@spokanespas.com
  14. Does the spa have an Ozonator? If so, disconnect from circuit board and see if the problem persists. Brandon@spokanespas.com
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