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  1. Our local spa shop has a chemical free water treatment called clear choice. I guess in short in adds good bacteria to fight bad bacteria, almost like a natural eco system? Anyone used it or familiar with it, any advice? thanks
  2. sorry, he ran down the whole company names as they split and bought other companys. he also named 3 other companies he had through the years and said he was tired of dealing with them, and went with master spas only.
  3. I have been looking at spas for about a month now, where I live there are not alot of dealers. I am close to purchasing a Master Spa LSX for $7100. First, Is this a decent spa, at a decent price, do they have a good customer service background. local dealer has been with them for several decades. I'm just a newbie looking for a good spa at a good price with a good warranty. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank You!
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