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  1. OK, I found the issue with the 3 blinking lights. The flow switch is faulty. LA Spas showed me that if I turn on the tub with the flow switch disconnected from the main board and then reconnect it, the issue with the circ pump goes away. It did. The problem I have now is that Pump 2 turns on as soon as the tub is powered on and can't be turned off and pump 1 is non responsive. The control panel I swapped out seems to be working fine and shows no errors. Any ideas?
  2. When I turn on the hot tub, this is what happens: 1) Jet 2 of 2 starts immediately and stays running 2) The circ pump turns on and off again for about 10 minutes before completely turning off 3) The display shows 3 blinking dots, but the temp is accurate 4) The tub light comes on and cannot be turned off 5) Jet 1 cannot be turned on. Any ideas?
  3. When turning on my tub at the breaker, the hot tub jet 2 starts immediately and won't turn off, I cannot turn on jet 1, the tub light stays lit and cannot be turned off, and there are 3 blinking lights on the display. It accurately displays the temp and I can set the temp up and down. It just doesn't turn off the jet. It got to the point last night where the temp got to 109 degrees and jet 2 was still running. I've tried power cycling the tub at the breaker and waiting a while before turning it back on. I've also bought and replaced the control panel at my dealer's recommendation. Replacing the control panel didn't resolve the problem. I need help. If I keep the hot tub off for too long, the pipes will freeze. Thanks! Eric
  4. I have a hot tub cover that was relatively inexpensive. It just snowed here in NJ and I noticed that all the snow covering the middel seam of the hot tub cover is melted. Obviously this is a problem with poor insulation. I'm sure this is a common problem. Is there a hot tub cover accessory like a strip of insulated material that I can lay over the middle seem that will help? I'm thinking maybe a rubber strip of material that I can just throw over the seam when I'm done and quickly remove when I'm getting in. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  5. Thank you for your replies! I have my pool water tested by my local pool supply store. Not sure what system it is, but they put samples of my water in sealed vials, then inster the vials into a machine connected to their pc which prints out my chemical readings. The last one was yesterday and showed low chlorine (1.5 I think), some phosphates (200 I think), 52 alkalinity, 6.8 pH. The said the phosphates should go down over time with the rain and weather we're having. If the baking soda hasn't fully dissolved then it would make sense to not adjust the alkalinity or pH until it has. I did a chlorine shock last night and when I woke up this morning the particles that made up the cloudiness in the pool had sank to the bottom. It looked like clusters of shredded cotton on the bottom of my pool. I remember seeing something similar last year usually after I shocked the pool, but there was never cloudiness associated with it. If it's not undissolved baking soda, then I don't know what it is. I vacuumed and the pool just became cloudy again. Perhaps my sand filter is no longer working? Thanks!
  6. I was told that I had 0 alkalinity in my pool, so I went out and got 2, 12 lb bags of A&H baking soda for pools. The lowest reading said to put both bags in the pool. Now the next day it looks like the pool is all cloudy and there is baking soda lining the bottom of my pool. The pool is 21K gallon above ground. The filter has been running all night. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Here are some links I've found so far from your suggestions and from my own research. If anyone knows of other options, please let us know. Thanks! 1. Plain LCD tv that you carry in or out whenever you want to use it. 2. http://www.hometheaterplus.com/pr15lcdtv15n.html 3. http://sunbritetv.com/default.php 4. http://www.evervue.com/index1.html 5. http://www.intheswim.com/shopping/moreInfo...MoreInfoID=1486 Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know of an affordable outdoor LCD/Plasma tv setup? I am looking to be able to watch tv outside in my hottub. I've heard of a company called Sunbright, but their tv's are extremely expensive. Also, does anyone know if these tv's can even function in freezing temps during the winter? Thanks Eric
  9. I came accross a couple products that might help: "PoolSkim In Pool Skimmer" and "Skim it" Does anyone have any experience with either of these?
  10. Hi! I'm a newbie above ground pool owner. It's a 27', 54" round model that holds roughly 19,000 gallons of water. I live in a wooded area and get a lot of debris on the bottom and on top of the water. I know they make automatic vacuums for the bottom, but is there anything that will also collect debris floating on top? Everyone I talk to says that the skimmer should be getting everything that's floating, but it doesn't. Whenever I go into the pool I spend about 30 minutes with a net and hand vac cleaning it up before I can enjoy it. Thanks in advance for any help! -Eric
  11. I recently purchased an LA Spas Concord model. It's my first hot tub and I'm really ejoying it. I have a question about the "innovative" Aqua Klean filtration system. I'm hoping someone has experience on this board with these spas. Basically, the filters don't stay on the intake cannisters. They simply float right up off of them. Even when I turn the jets on and water gets sucked through the intakes, they still don't stay on. Has anyone ever heard of this or know of a fix? Thanks, -Eric
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