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  1. Thanks for the response Richard - I will use your method. Thanks for helping me out!
  2. Thanks Richard, you made a correct assumption on the CYA level - I acutally didn't start adding much chlorine until recently so for the first two months chlorine was added only in minimal quantities. So thats why the number I quoted sounds low to you. I would like to save some money - the nature 2 cartidge is 30 bucks so for a 4 month cartridge thats not very expensive. The shock on the other hand does get expensive over the long run when using it twice per week. I purchased a bulk supply of di-chlor off of some guy on craigs list so have at least a two year supply!! So maybe I should use more chlorine and less MPS? My hot tub is used sloely by me and very rarely maybe once per month do I have a guest in it. I do however go in the tub at least 5-6 times a week for 30-45 minutes at a time. Do you think at this frequency I could add MPS just once per week? using bleach sounds scary - how much do you add and at what frequency? Is it the same bleach you use for clothes? Also at what ppm of cya does it begin to slow down the chlorine effectiveness?
  3. Hi Richard, Do you mind giving me an opinion on a maintenance plan for my tub. This is what I do currently. I have Ozone and Silver 1) I add 3 OZ leisure time renew (MPS) twice per week 2)I add about 1oz of dichlor (62% available Cl) 2 times per week I have measure my CYA rencently and it is at 60 PPM according to my taylor kit (my water is about 3 months old) Please give me your suggestion as to what change I should make to my current procedure. Do you see anything completely wrong with my setup? Thanks for your help
  4. Hi all, I was reading about the nature 2 cartidge and seems that they advertise if you use MPS with this nature cartridge then you don't need any chlorine? Is this true, and exactly how much MPS do you add on a weekly/daily basis? What about combination of CL and MPS? Please let me know what any of you are doing in this regard.
  5. "vision" Cartridge For D1 Yea? Nea?

    I have found the same thing. I need to add chlorine on a regular basis to keep the water nice even with ozone and a mineral cartridge. At $200 you could use about ten Nature2 or Frog cartridges. Although D1 people will tell you theirs holds more silver and lasts longer, I don't see the value. There is no need to use mineral cartridges if you wish. After using both minerals and ozone for four years, I have stopped using both with excellent results. Ozone and minerals help, but I do just fine without them. So Can I use the Nature Catridge in my d1 spa over the vision cartridge? It does the smae thing for cheaper right?
  6. "vision" Cartridge For D1 Yea? Nea?

    Hi All, This is a great thread and I was about to post almost the same question. I have recently purchased the d1 diplomat. Our dealer basically said you need almost no chlrine in the tub. However from reading various things it seems like that is not necessarily the best advice. Maany are saying you should have chlorine even in a Ozone/silver system. Per my dealer these were my exact instructions. 1) shock with MPS twice per week 2) Superchorinate with 2OZ dichlor once per week 3) clean filter with filter cleaner once per month. After doing this for a bit I find that once per weel of cholination is not enough. Water gets cloudy and smells funny. So now I started adding some 2-3 times per week and it is working better. Here is another question - the D1 cartidge costs 200 bucks (ouch) Can I use Nature in the D1 since it is cheaper to buy? Do I even need to bother with a cartridge if I up the chlorine?
  7. does this matter - I shocked with MPS last night and then superchlorinated. Do these things need to be done at separate times?
  8. Ok was in the tub lat night - though the water felt a little greasy or slimy on my skin. PH and TA is good and I had just superchlorinated a few days prior. There is no smeall or anything else it just feel a bit slimy.
  9. Just got a taylor test kit and measured the CYA - it came out as 60-70 ppm. The book that came with the test said 30-50 was ideal. Whats happens if CYA get high? what is too much?
  10. What To Do About Foam

    Thanks for the responses - I as just hesitant to add the foam stuff since I thought adding more chems to the spa would caus eother issues. Have you had any consequences when adding the anti-foam. Does it mess with your water chemistry? I live out in AZ so my water is acutally very hard and ph usually moves up very fast. I will pick up that foam stuff and give it a try!
  11. Having a foam issue - any ideas how to fix this without draining my tub? PH and ALk are ok so I am not sure what elase to look at.
  12. How Much Dry Acid At One Time?

    Hey I have your same problem. I seem to always be adding acid since my area had very hard water witha high PH. The other day I added around 5 OZ of acid to get it down to 7.4 - but then checking my TA it was only at 60ppm. But of course when I add baking soda the PH goes up - this is a never ending battle!! I am going to check the spa tonight and see where I am at and post it on here.
  13. I'm So Excited!

    Thanks for puttong the 80's song squarely in my head for the rest of the day!!!!!!
  14. Raising Total Alkalinity Vs. Adjusting Ph

    Richard nice response. I have another question for you. Di-chlor is not cheap if you get the 99 percent pure stuff. A salesman at the pool place told me I could use the 60 % stuff for the spa - is this ok? Whats the other 40 percent made of - will that clog my filters or cause other issues?
  15. yeah and the speed limit is 55 too! you shouldn't do a lot of things but if you have some brains you can get away with some. I think I could sit in a 103 hot tub for an hour and not get too hot! If it really was 104 Iw ould be fine but the trigger is at 103 so really they should set it at 105 so the trigger would be 104.