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  1. What ever happened with your repair? Curious is all...
  2. Those chlorine generators need to be replaced and they are not cheap. How long did your dealer tell you it would last?
  3. Kreg, Why can't I find any BBB rating from the man I bought my Master Spa from? Does Master require that their dealers be BBB acredited? Thanks for any info. Michele Michel I don't think is a requirement. Since joining the BBB costs money, I am not sure if they legally require it of dealers. They do encourage it though.
  4. The Bureau of Consumer Protection requires that any warranty must be available to the consumer prior to purchase... "The FTC's Rule on Pre-Sale Availability of Written Warranty Terms requires that written warranties on consumer products costing more than $15 be available to consumers before they buy...." http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus01-businesspersons-guide-federal-warranty-law#makingwarranties
  5. I would suspect a weak breaker and/or a mis-wired breaker before the wire itself. Have an electrician inspect the positioning of the wires and have him replace the breaker in question. See if that does the trick.
  6. The entire drain/return cover used to just unscrew. Not sure if they use a different method now...
  7. Remove the drain in the footwell. There are probably some solids blocking it from underneath.
  8. lol he said his cover was shot! Try heating your house without a roof and tell me how it works out for ya!
  9. We are a Master Spa dealer and you can order them from my website or over the phone. Send me a message and I can give you the details.
  10. Is your Hot Spring equipped with an ozonator? When the check valves go bad, water can get in and cause it to fail. Try unplugging the ozonator from the board and see if the breaker still trips. Sometimes breakers go bad too...
  11. When we take a trade in on a Hot Spring that leaks, we have had better luck going through the foam in the bottom. That way, you dont need to damage any side panels. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix a leak in a full foam spa like your Hot Spring. You have to start digging out wet, nasty foam and hope you get lucky. A wire brush also helps to remove the old wet foam from the plumbing. We are in Ann Arbor if you need some more advise. We take in lots of trades from people in your exact situation...
  12. Funny that a company with the reputation of Hot Spring Spas would not have a better solution to fix an LED light. Bottom line...it is a bad idea to bury serviceable parts behind a bunch of foam and wood without an EASILY REMOVABLE access panel. Just asking for trouble in my opinion...
  13. Enjoy your new LSX, jjk90. Not sure if you are our customer, but if you are you will be well taken care of. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  14. It was a great day! Thanks for asking! Hotsprung says that his dealer is first class. There is clearly a downside to any repair, thus the offer to leave it as-is.
  15. You are missing the point! Does the customer want their brand new spa deconstructed in their backyard? Of course not. Replace the spa at no cost to the customer and fix the other spa elsewhere. Maybe Hot Spring Spas should make it easier to fix a $5 part. Just a thought.
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