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  1. I just started using the dichlor/bleach method for the first time. I used dichlor for the first week then added borax, bleach and Lo' N Slo ( Spaguard) to lower the PH for the rise from the borax. My hot tub is 320 gallons. So I added 3 cups of borax which was equivalent to 24 oz I believe. The PH went above 8.2 so I have been adding the Lo' N Slo for the past 3 dayz to bring down the PH but it's still above 8.2. I didn't have the other acid that was suggested. I'm wondering if the Lo'N slo (sodium bisulfate) will work in this case and approx. how much I will need to counteract the 3 cups of borax. Also my wife came out of the tub yesterday and has a rash today. Would that be from the high PH or is there other factors. The chlorine levels are fine.
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