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  1. Any thoughts on Magnesium Chloride's interaction with Bromine?
  2. Thanks chem geek! I'll have to look into the corrosion potential of the water once it hits that high of level. It's a 10 year old hot tub, so warranty would likely be over....plus the original owners didn't leave any of the paperwork. I don't know if I have a heat exchanger, I just replaced the heater on it a couple weeks ago.
  3. Using Magnesum Chloride would be about 1/20th the cost of Epsom Salts, and it appears as it's better absorbed transdermally. Sourcing it locally is a bit of a challenge though. Surprisingly, from the google searches I've done, using Magnesum in spas doesn't seem too common. Considering all the health benifits magnesium supplementation has, I thought more spa owners would have tried this. Any spa users or dealers with experience can chime in!! :-)
  4. haha :-) I made a typo there...its supposed to be 400grams in 60L, not 600L. So my math is right, but my typing is sloppy! :-) Would the form of magnesium matter? Espsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) vs Magnesium Chloride?
  5. Thanks for the responses! Waterbear: I'll have to look into the correct concentration, but if my memory serves me the concentration they tell you to put into an Epsom Salt bath is roughly between 400-600grams per 600L, which would be about 10Kg on a 400Gallons hot tub if you went on the lower end with 400grams. That is quite a bit. The baths were for 12 minutes at 50-55 degrees celcius, which I believe is warmer than most tubs. chem geek: wow very techical, so laymens terms......adding magnesium shouldn't be a big issue? I guess it would depend on how much I add right? spidey9: Yes you are right, that amount of magnesium probably wouldn't do much at all...when I think they are talking about putting 10Kg into a 400G hot tub.
  6. Hello everyone! I searched through the forum and didn't find any recent posts about using Magnesium in a Hot Tub/Spa. The benifits on transdermal magnesium have been studied and proven. Most people are also deficient in magnesium in their bodies. I know I feel so much better after Epsom Salt Baths. My questions are: Does it harm the hot tub? And why do more people not use magnesium in their hot tubs?
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