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  1. My heater tube has a little hole around the post. Over time enough water leaks out and shorts the tub. Can u buy the silver tube for the 5.5 separate? Or do u have to but the sensors and element with it?
  2. Bought a used Beachcomber 750. GFCI keeps triping. I have unplugged my 2 pumps and my hush pump. Still trips. I noticed one terminal screw going to heater has broken off. I don't imagine not having one connection to heater would trip breaker. That brings me to guess that the board is the probelm. The case to spa pack says part number 54315-01, its a Blaboa. when I go to there website that part number does not exist, even in cross reprence. Since Iknow heater is broke I was going to buy the whole spa pack. Could anyone help let me know what pack I am looking for.