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  1. Hello There! I would like to add to this forum and talk a little about BioGuard. I work for a Platinum BioGuard Dealer, I am a water care professional, and most of what people add about BioGuard on this forum is simply not true. Let's start out with what people assume most, BioGuard just wants to sell, sell, sell. I can tell you personally, working with Chemtura and BioGuard that this is not true. If you are having issues with your local dealer selling you countless chemicals, its the people at your local dealer. BioGuards Professional water testing is more accurate than any strip/drop/electronic test I have ever seen on the retail side of pool care. It's up to YOUR local dealers to use this information and accurately work with Alex for the best choice on how to maintain your pool. Let's be honest, most local shops are MONEY hungry. This does not make BioGuard a bad company, and you shouldn't be advised to "run" from their dealers. Secondly, I would like to add, as I do work mostly with BioGuard products, we also sell a variety of other chemical brands so we can reach out to a more broad amount of customers (Proteam, Natural Chemistry, etc.). I love selling Proteam just as much as BioGuard, high price doesn't mean a better outcome usually. Another problem I notice most people have with "BioGuard" products is they don't fully understand Water Chemistry and Pool Care to begin with. Water Chemistry is a hard thing to get down. Let's take a common algae problem I see consistently Just because a customer adds BioGuard's Banish, and Banish doesn't clear the pool up next day doesn't mean the chemical isn't doing what its suppose to do. The conditions of where you live, the weather, your phosphate levels, your TDS reading (which most dealers don't routinely check) can all contribute to that one cloudy problem. BioGuard is not out there to get you. If anything, your LOCAL dealers want your money. If you have ANY questions on anything BioGuard, or have a pool problem you can't control, reply to this thread, and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.
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