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  1. Does anyone know which wire is hot and which is neutral on a Del Eclipse ozonator or if it even matters? I need to switch it to a regular 3 prong plug. Thanks
  2. I would still contact backyardplus. They may have a solution for you. Is your tub the one with the control panel on top or on the side? What is the serial number?
  3. Check Backyardplus.com. They have been very helpful when I was looking for parts for my 2001 Grandee.
  4. Last summer I purchased a cover from BeyondNice for my Hot Springs Grandee. I am more than satisfied with it. The factory is in Florida and it had to be shipped across the country to Washington State. It arrived in perfect condition. So I would say you can purchase from someone other than Hot Springs with good results.
  5. I am surprised the tub is warming up much at all without a cover in those outside temps. That is one hard working heater. I would hate to see your electricity bill.
  6. Try disconnecting the ozonator. It may be putting out excessive EMI that can cause tripping of the GFCI. I had the same problem with a Hot Springs spa.
  7. Thank you. That is what I thought. So I will wire my ozonator to be separate from my control board. Something I should have done long ago.
  8. I am trying to determine if my Hot Springs Grandee runs the ozonator 24/7. The circulation pump runs 24/7 but does the ozonator do the same? I want to rewire my ozonator to be separate from my control board. That would mean the ozonator would run 24/7 also. Is there an problems with doing that?
  9. Try disconnecting the ozonator. Some of them emit excess EMI and affect the control board. I have had that happen to me.
  10. Grandee made in the first quarter of 2000, #1506.
  11. This is the bleed line from the elbow just off the circulation pump to the filter compartment. Since it is on the output side of the pump plugging it will divert more water to the heaters. Filters are clean. I am more interested in what the purpose of this bleed line is.
  12. What is the purpose of the bypass hose coming off the circulation pump? I believe my pump is getting weak (it is the original one) and I would like to plug the bypass to get more flow into the heater until I get a replacement pump. Will this cause any problems?
  13. I have been using the Del APG unit for some time now and it has been working perfectly. I had problems with other ozone generators interfering with my control board and the APG unit does not do that. I would recommend it. Also Del's customer service has been fantastic. You can check out my other posts and see what I went through and how Del would not give up until I was happy.
  14. Update again. Del sent me one of their APG units. Their thinking is that EMI was affecting my control board and causing power spikes blowing the fuse in the MCD-50. So far after 2 weeks I have had no problems with the APG unit. The green light is on the APG and I have had no problems with my tub. If their thinking is correct I should be able to wrap the MCD-50 in aluminum foil and remount it inside the equipment bay (I mounted it outside the tub in an enclosure and it had been working fine out there.). I may try that experiment next summer when it warms up just to see what happens. Del has been great through all this. I cannot recommend them enough if someone is looking for an ozone generator. Customer service is fantastic.
  15. Yes, when I go to this website an attempt to hack into my computer is made. Some serious work needs to be done to secure this website.
  16. I appreciate those who are working it. I just don't see what scammers expect to get out of messing the forums up. Sick bastards.
  17. It is getting bad on the site. If it does not get better I am out of here. I am getting all kinds of crap and attempts to attack my computer from the forums now. Can anyone help here?
  18. I am not a spa expert but if I had a circulation pump that was making a noise that could be heard outside of the spa I would demand it be fixed. You spent very good money on the spa and the dealer should do all they could to make it right. If the dealer won't check it for free contact the manufacturer. They want a satisfied customer.
  19. Not in summer mode. There is no evidence of water backing up into the generator. Besides the fuse will blow even if the ozone is vented to the outside and not even connected to the injector. As you can see by my posts I have tried just about everything I can think of and always end up with a blown fuse. It is a real head scratcher. I have sent one of the units back to Del to see if they can figure anything out. They are as stumped as I am. The one thing in common with all the generators is it seems to be a thermal problem. The power supplies just get pretty darn hot.
  20. Update again. Third MCD-50 did the same thing. So I think we are back to the tub. Since I have tried independent power supplies seperate from the tub the only thing left is the vacuum. Could the circulation pump be getting weak and not pulling enough water through the injector to get a good vacuum? How much vacuum should there be? I have no experiance with the Mazzei injectors so I have no clue how much vacuum I should be pulling. I have a vacuum gage that barely gets off the 0 mark. The tech said the circulation pump was okay but I wonder. I plan in the next few months on replacing it and the injector. Thanks for any information you may have.
  21. Update... The second ozone generator did the exact same thing. It would run with cover off but with it on it would blow the fuse. I experimented and tried a bunch of different scenerios including running a seperate GFCI protected line to the tub to power the ozone generator and the fuse still blew. In fact the last time it blew it took out the power supply along with it. Now the fuse will blow as soon as power is applied to the generator and I traced the problem to the power supply. Del is being great about it and is sending me a third MCD-50. They believe I got two bad generators in a row. Just for giggles I put the original MCD-50 back in with the cover off and it has been running for 3 days now with no problem. This tells me it can't be a problem with the tub but has to be in the generators. I hope the third one is the charm.
  22. My check valve broke off at the neck and had to be replaced. As far as the white tube I don't have one of those so can't help you there.
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