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  1. Hi. Just joined today, and although I've done my homework on water treatment, I hope it's not unheard of that things don't always play out according to plan. Anyway, my Spa is a 2012 Dimension 1 Arourora. I have had it now for about 3 months. It is situated in a screened in porch enclosed on three sides by the house, and one side by screen. The home where it is located is a weekend home (Hudson Valley, NYS), and which makes it a bit more difficult to stay on top of the water issues. So far, we've had no major water problems such as cloudy water, foam, smell, etc…, but our readings are not what they should be. We are using Chlorine, and maintaining optimum levels has not been a problem. The PH, however, as well as the Alkalinity, are always high, and don't respond at all to PH-down, Alkalinity-down, any of the Spa Down products. We've emptied, refilled and started from scratch, always with the same result. Tried new filters as well. Though the water is from a well, it is treated extensively by an in-home system, and has been analyzed by our dealer as well as others. A high iron content has been flagged in the water, yet the dealer and others see it as something which should be easily treated. Yet the products are not working to bring down alkalinity or PH. Any ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated.
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