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  1. I am a newbie to this forum AND a first time hot tub owner. Recently bought a house that included a HotSpring Jetsetter. Prior owner signed a paper that said it was in fine working order - but it was not (but that is not the issue!). Actually it is in spectacularly good condition (the prior owners were fuss-buckets), and while I don't know the year exactly - it is pre-2005 because in 2006 Watkins changed the dimensions and ours is the smaller pre-2005 size. The problem is that it is leaking, badly (like 3 inches a day). I have traced the leak to the bottom drain since it will drain completely empty except for a minimal amount in the drain well in the bottom of the hot tub. I unscrewed the drain cover and looked in-don't see any obvious cracks. There is no leakage at all in the control panel/machinery compartment nor from the two external drain caps. Looking underneath (barely possible, BTW) it seems to be dripping from the bottom around where the spa floor drain is. It is a bit smelly (smells likes a sweaty horse!). I am definitely a "do it yourselfer type person" - but of course I know the tub would have to be jacked up and foam dug out to pinpoint the exact leak and fix. The QUESTION is - where can I find a plumbing diagram for a HotSpring Jetsetter so I know what is beneath the drain in regards to replacement parts? The guy at the HotSpring store said it was a manifold that sprouts a bunch of tubes like an octopus - and that if the prior owner did not properly winterize - those manifolds crack. I can find no reference to the part nor any diagrams that shows how the bottom drain is plumbed. Any advice? Yes, I already tried fix-a-leak - which slowed the leak DRAMATICALLY, but did not fully fix. I wish I could buy a new hot tub - but I have other more pressing repairs with the new (old) house, so I can't spend a fortune. HALP!!!! Thanks so much.
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