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  1. Thanks Guys for the replies Yea it makes a lot of sence that this would be the cause, as the problem seems to progressively get worse over time. led lights are a kind of delicate item to be around clorinated water.I guess i have two choices here, one is to call back the dealer and relay this info to them and maybe even contact Watkins or I may attempt to resolve this myself going in to it with the info given here.Not that i dont trust the dealer tech who came out prior, but now i am wondering if the previous repair done to the replaced control pad has sufficient silicone on it as well. this is much more in proximity to the main control board and such in the cabinet.I am a very detail oriented person and i hate to say it but the old saying goes if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. I understand that things have failures but two issue in two months things are not starting off too well here as i have only made one payment on this unit so far. I am assuming that the cupholder led is held in place on the shell with silicone and must be shimmed out meaning no under cabinet attachment or bolts to remove. i definately would like to see that harness connection redone with dielectric grease to act as a backup againt moisture protection. Thanks again for the great responses here much appreciated Thanks JMD
  2. Hello I am reaching out to the forum for some insight, I have a 2 month old hotsprings jetsetter that is having some issues with the bartop leds. Ok here is what the symptoms are after a short while the color segments on the lights start to overlap the colors, for example the problem happens mostly when using red, the led will be partialy red on some of the segments but others will be green after a little while longer 2 of the segments will go out completely. it happens on the other colors as well, but red seems to be the most problamatic. This is the second issue i had with it. the first was only 2 or three weeks after purchase the control pad led fogged to the point of being unreadable, the dealer came out right away and replaced it, natrally one can see that i am concerned about my purchase here as i have had two different issues with what has been a pretty expensive two month old hot tub. I found other user complaints of this issue on here but no resolution, that has me a little worried! The dealer came out the other day and replaced the bartop leds it worked for two days and has returned, Before returning a call to the dealer i wanted to reach out to anyone who has insight as to what the problem can be, as far as i know the lighting system is the same on all or most of the new hot spring models so anyone with one may have had expierience with this problem Thanks JMD
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