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  1. I saw this photo on their website, its yours? Looks very nice. The waterfall feature doesn't look like its from the same style pool though :S Is that a slide in it?
  2. Hi there Smaller bugs typically feed on algae which bring in larger bugs. Wiping down the pool walls will eliminate slimy algae growths. Skimming and vacuuming will gather more. Finally, shocking the pool (high concentrated chlorine) will kill the rest of the algae and likely many bugs, too. Another brush down and vacuum job and thorough skimming and filtration should remove dead algae and bugs. Adding shock during the night prevents the sun from dissipating it too quickly. Over time the chlorine will decrease as it is exposed to weather/heat, so you won't have to worry about emptying the pool later on in the season. Just don't keep adding chlorine close to the time you are planning on closing it down. This is the most efficient way to get rid of the problem. Hope this helps
  3. Try cleaning the flow sensor as well 9 times out of 10 this is has resolved such an issue Hope this helps
  4. Hey there No problem at all! Just throw in a reducer for the 2 fittings, and you'll be good to go. Many large filters and heaters are equipped with a standard 2" fitting, however are still meant for and usable on 1 1/2" plumbing. Hope this helps,
  5. Hey there It definitely will open up more! you will probably have a system looking something like what is in the URL below. Inside the box will be something very similar looking to this: http://images.monstermarketplace.com/spa-and-pool-supplies/light-transformer-120volt-to-12volt-1-amp-800x800.jpg Aqualamp: https://image.poolcorp.com/images/CNL/301/CNL-301-9507.jpg Hope this helps
  6. Hey there There aren't many systems that have automatic capabilities with wi-fi control, however there are a few that work with select equipment companies. Seeing how you live in Canada, Zodiac pool systems offers a product called the AquaLink which does exactly what it sounds like you are looking for. It can be hardwired to your main panel which would essentially have control over your pump, heater, and even wired pool lights (again, depending on the pool equipment). This system is run with a PDA There is an add-on for this device called the iAquaLink being an app for your iphone, which would control the same equipment via mobile device. These products are friendly with Zodiac products, however there have been other models (Hayward, Pentair) that have also worked with the system. Zodiac doesn't have many retail locations, however there may be a Pioneer Family Pools in your area which in fact carries this product. Hope this helps
  7. Just replying to unreplied posts, without the assumption that they have solved their problem completely. Also, this gives a chance for future questions under the same subject to be answered. I do not get a chance to remain constantly updated with this site, so the responses at times can be a little 'dated'. Apologies for this late reply.
  8. I agree with you Thomas152 We have been getting great feedback from our product coverfree being a weekly treatment, of course. I believe this is the same enzyme based chemical as your Organic Chemistry product. The all natural chemicals are definitely a plus. Hope this helps
  9. Hey callmeammo It isn't necessarily that important that the jets be facing down, however it is recommended to allow proper flow for the cleaner itself. As for the cleaner operating, it prefers good pressure coming from your lines, which is what it receives when you have the valve closed off from your skimmer line. Have you tried running the cleaner through your skimmer line itself? The MX-8 comes with a hose adapter that will fit into your port in the skimmer, and this may improve the suction power. Many people override this dedicated cleaner line as it isn't completely necessary to be used for cleaning specifically. On another note, the MX-8 has been one of the most recommended of the suction based cleaners due to the efficiency and versatility. Many good reviews from past customers. Hope this helps
  10. Are you looking for the replacement part? Check out a local PIoneer Family Pools. There are many different heater stock parts. You may require a technician to install the required parts. Hope This helps
  11. Hey there The issue is definitely due to broken laterals, as it is the only means of allowing sand to pass through your plumbing. As for the one return allowing sand to pass through, that may be another issue involving the pressure in your system. Check the reading on your gauge on your filter. It should be anywhere between 12-18 psi. Replace the sand in the filter and inspect the lateral assembly. There may be a crack in the pipe itself or the little filter tubes on the bottom. Hope this helps
  12. Hey there, The fish aren't the best. Some people really like them and some people feel that they are useless. However there is a new product called Cover Free made by Natural Chesmistry. It's a lot better than the fish because for one it's all natural products so it's safe. As well, when you jump in the pool, the liquid dispurses however is magnetized therefore it comes back together to keep the heat within; whereas the fish dispurses and stays detached which releases the heat. I bought mine at Pioneer Pools for around $30 and it will last me about 2 months. So far so good. Hope this helps,
  13. Hey there. Have you been adding chlorine? The green algae is indication of low Free Chlorine levels. As for the mosquito larvae, I can assume that stagnant water, especially at a low level that you had drained it to, is whats keeping them around. The pool must have chlorine added to it even when it is not being used, as it can easily be evaporated. "Stabalizer" is a chemical that acts as a sunscreen and keeps the chlorine in your pool. Hope this helps.
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