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  1. Hello, I currently have an older style model Softub, I believe it is a P4 style power pack. (manual knob for heat, vacuum buttons for reset / jets) I am trying to find the reset switch that seems to be attached to an ambient temp sensor. The only markings I could find was E50023. so far the only item I could find is this : http://surpluscityliquidators.com/view_product/67465/225 I contacted them and they said there is no switch attached to it. Does anyone happen to know where to find or who may offer such parts? I live in a smaller town in Canada and exhausted the local businesses. I
  2. The air tube is reconnected and can hear a solenoid type of click when the switch is engaged. Im starting to wonder if it is worthwhile to look for a used / refurbished complete pack. I know they are not cheap. Any suggestions ?
  3. Hello, I made a previous post about my 220 and the heat issue, but now I have a seperate issue wondering if anyone had the problem before. My unit wouldnt start at all, it was humming and would kick a breaker, since then I disassembled and found a string in the pump unit, reassembled and tested. Pump started like a champ.... but the dial is in the off position, after two days it was still continuously running and got over the 120 degrees mark (havent ordered in the high limit probe yet) but the dial is still in the 0 position. It has the manual push buttons for jets and for reset and both are
  4. Well - I drained the tub andI took the unit apart (much easier then I expected!) took the front cover off (called a "wet pump"?) and found a string kind of jammed and wrapped around . I removed the string and started to reassemble the unit, I couldnt help notice a copper pipe just dangling underneath the heat exchanger, I have no idea where it belongs so I left it the way I found it. I filled the tub up just to the plastic intake and plugged in the unit and now the jets are constantly on and heating is lit up. Assuming that is still my thermostat ? but the dial is all the way off... Just curi
  5. Again I thank you for the reply Chas! It gives me a good direction to go in, if the pump does not work after cool down I will order one at the same time as the thermostat.
  6. Sorry - let me add a little bit more - There is nothing appearing to clog the filters or intake, also tried using just the extension cord instead of surge protector and it caused the breaker in my house to kick over.
  7. Thanks for the response Chas, I will look into replacing the thermostat, i been watching it for the last couple of days and I left it on just a hair above the off position and it kicked in to jet and heat up the tub and left it, noticed it still goes to about 110~ before it will auto shut off for a bit. Any recomendations where to purchase replacement parts? Also today when I came home I took the cover off and there was no power what so ever. Checked thermometer in pool and its at 115, I turned the surge protector strip (like you use for computers) back on and went to turn just the jets on an
  8. Hello, I purchased a used Softub recently and I noticed that no matter what setting the tub is at, if I leave the cover on, it maxs out my thermostat in the tub over 120. It was at a setting of 2 and I went out of town and came back to find it like that. Its been happening alot lately, if I do not turn the dial off and leave the cover off it is unusable for a couple of hours. It seems to be an older model, a dial for heat setting ranging off to 10, and 2 push buttons (jets, and reset). It has not tripped the GFI cord end or the breaker inside the house at all. Any help is greatly appreciated
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