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  1. Hey guys, I have pretty much narrowed down my first tub to the Limelight Flair and Limelight Pulse. I am not sure if I will want the lounge or not, hence one model with and one without. I have seen a Flair, and will be wet testing soon. My problem is the dealer does not have a Pulse. When I was talking to the salesperson he did say the foot well in the Pulse is extremely shallow. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? Also, how important is the depth of the foot well? Having never owned a tub, I would think it would be nice to have some depth and room there. I thought tubs with a loun
  2. For what its worth, our panel was updated about 7 years ago and I was told there is room in our panel.
  3. Hey guys, I'm going to be getting a tub soon. I was wondering what everyone thought about the electrical hookup and whether or not to have the conduit go underground. The tub will be pretty close to the house, so not a whole lot of the conduit would be visible if I don't bury it. I was told by an electrician if I do bury it I better be sure of the exact location of the tub. Burying the conduit would cost about another 80 - 100 on the hookup. I have a concrete guy coming out in the next couple weeks, so I need to decide if I want an underground hookup or not. Does it look that bad if u don't
  4. Hi everyone, I am going to be a first time hot tub owner in the not-too-distant future. I have been doing my homework, as the entire process is new to me. My question concerns the electrical draw. My house is a small ranch style home, built in 1952. I have 100amp circuit breaker service. Will I have any issues tripping the breakers when the tub is running? Running on electricity are central A/C, stove/oven, microwave, dehumidifier in basement, hot water tank, washer/dryer. Obviously I have other things like TVs, computers, toaster oven. The central air of course will not be on other than sum
  5. Hey everyone, I have been doing quite a bit of research on tubs over the past several months, and am getting close to pulling the trigger on a Limelight Flair. I have never owned a tub before, so I'm both nervous and excited at the same time. Basically I'm leaning heavily toward the Flair because it fits in my budget of between $7,000 - $8,000. Also, there is a dealer literally about 5 minutes from me, and they sell Hotsprings models. I think the proximity of the dealer will be beneficial in the event the tub requires service. Anyway, I was hoping to get some feedback on the Flair. Do a
  6. hey guys. i have been doing my homework on tubs for a while, and am getting closer to pulling the trigger. as a first time hot tub owner, i am really green when it comes to the steps involved. specifically, i was wondering about the "pre-work", the stuff that needs to be done prior to the tub arriving. would i want to get a concrete guy over first, to build me a slab? Or would it make more sense to have an electrician come over, then a concrete guy? would putting a slab foundation in prior to having an electrician come over mess up the wiring of the tub? i am eager to get the tub site a
  7. hey guys. i'm hoping to be a first time hot tub owner within the next few months. i'm trying to be very diligent and take my time in researching everything. i wanted to get opinions on the foundation. the tub will go next to (not on) my deck. from what i've read some people swear by poured concrete. others seem to like pea gravel. i've heard and read a little about the ez pad. i'm wondering what you all think. aesthetics are important to me (of course i'd like it to look nice), but the cost of it is also important. probably most of all, however, is the long term structural integrity
  8. hey guys. i am trying to narrow my search for my first tub. i am basically looking for a 5-6 person tub. i think i want a lounge. my budget is $7k -$8k. a reliable, reputable brand is a must. energy efficiency is important. strong jets (i prefer a powerful massage over a gentle one) would be nice. i am putting a lot of stock in warranty and dealer. based on what ive read so far i think i will want an ozonator (im all for anything that makes water upkeep easier). i've done some preliminary research on the above referenced models. i was hoping to get your thoughts. how do these stack up
  9. i am a soon-to-be first time hot tub owner (i've narrowed my choices to the caldera martinique and limelight flair). i was wondering about what to do about the foundation. i haven't priced out poured concrete pads, but i'm sure it will be an expensive route to go down. i came across the EZ pad. does anyone have any knowledge of/experience with these? they are affordable (about $365 i believe) and seem really easy to work with. they are 8'x8' in size. i would hate to make such a large investment in a tub, only to mess up the foundation. are these pads legit? will they void the tub's war
  10. Hi all. I am trying to educate myself on tubs, as I have never owned one before. I've been doing a bit of research online, trying to gain at least a basic understanding of what's out there. Two tubs I have narrowed my list to are the caldera Martinique and limelight flair. I was hoping some of you experts out there, or at least those with more experience and knowledge than me, could offer up some opinions/advice on these two. Which would you get between the two, and why? Is one better insulated/energy efficient than the other? Does one have a better warranty? Is one easier to maintain (spa fro
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