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  1. Tom, Thank you for your post and that gives me great confidence. I am going to proceed with the project and have been accumulating install advice from several sources. I would love to have the material you mentioned if you could scan as a .pdf and email to me (tbaker@mvctc.com)! I too feel this type of pool makes a lot of sense from a maintenance standpoint for years to come. Thank you for the light offer but I have found out my niches are designed to only accept the Pentair LED light (as they are one and the same as the American Standard Co. that made the niches in my wall panel). I am in communication with manufacture about gasket material for between joints. How did you support your wall panels within your over-dig area? The panels have the stainless flanges at top and bottom to attache some sort of support. Thanks again for all your help. Troy
  2. I did look up Dugger Pools and am in the process of contacting them via email for info. I also found the manufacturer of my pool panels (Swimcraft, Inc. from Angola Indiana), they are still in business and I am also reaching out to them for additional information. They do link to Dugger Pools on their website as a installer of their pool panels. So, thank you all for the great information and I am finally getting somewhere with all my search for specific installation details. Getting really excited for the build process and can't wait to get started. Will be tearing down my above ground pool after this season in preparation for this in-ground!
  3. Jkusmier, do you have contact info for the guy in MO still building "Hybrid" type pools? Would like to pick his brain. I did purchase the wall sections in questions and plan to proceed with the project (couldn't pass up the good deal!). I can email pics if requested (is there a way to attach to a post?). If this helps others see what I am starting with, maybe there will be more input as to installation instructions. Am getting good info from a provider on another forum (who happens to be from MO, same guy maybe?).
  4. Thanks PoolGuyNJ, appreciate your response. Kind of what I thought but wanted to get some other opinions. Is very tempting to think I could replace my above ground pool with an in-ground for very little money. Wall's only costing a couple hundred bucks, all labor for excavation, plumbing, electrical and masonry would be free and all expense would entail is material. That's why the idea was enticing and why I was hoping to get some direction as to how these hybrids are installed in-case I would move forward with the idea. So, if anyone else has experience with this older type of build and would like to submit their thoughts, I'm open to all comments. Thanks, Troy
  5. Looking for advice/suggestions for a DIY in-ground pool install using fiberglass panels and a poured concrete bottom. Have an opportunity to purchase (CHEAP) a 20x24 fiberglass panel pool. All info online I can find about these suggest they where used years ago? Can find no new manufactures of these panels (any suggestions?). Some questions I have are: What are the steps of installation? How does the fiberglass panel meet the concrete bottom? What supports panels during back filling outside panel & water filling interior of pool? Pour bottom first and set panels on top or set panels and pour concrete inside up to fiberglass? Need expansion joint material? What caulk or sealer for all joints? I consider myself very capable to tackle DIY projects and have access to excavators and concrete professionals to complete/assist with work. Just really need instruction on how to proceed from start to finish. Anyone ever do one of these or have experience with type? Or would you not even recommend it? I sure would appreciate all your advice, support and suggestions. Thanks,
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