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  1. Hi, Have finally decided that we are just not hot tub people, so going to sell our 2000 Sundance Optima. I've been keeping an eye on Craiglists etc. to try and get comparable pricing, but no real luck, so wanted to ask here. 2000 Sundance Optima. Reasonable condition for age. Cover 6 years old - hail damaged so not pretty but still functional. All jets work, heats fine etc. I won't pretend it's low maintenance. Have replaced heater, circulation pump, various tubing and switches/sensors over the 10 years I have owned it, mostly in troubleshooting elusive flo errors. Main display hard to read now, but still functional. Thoughts on what I should price it at? Colorado based - 30 miles outside of Denver so have a decent # of potential buyers not too far away. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Hello, Troubleshooting a “FLO” error on my Sundance Optima, Model year 2000. Replaced filter Replaced heater (due to leaks) Bypassed smart logic board per Sundance instructions [*]Replaced hi-temp sensor due to error [*]Replaced circulation pump with Laing 6000-125 Wired pump to direct always hot 240 volt feed, since the normal pump circuit board connector is not getting power. Is this OK? Per instructions used the flow restrictor in the pump If I turn on the 2 speed pump, I can see the flow switch engage and the pump will run and the heater will turn on. I can see the circulation pump is running and it pushes the flow switch, but about 10 seconds after turning the hottub on I get the “FLO” error and it never recovers. The circulation pump keeps running, but can’t control the hottub. The circulation pump doesn’t push the flow switch as strongly as the 2 speed pump. I’m thinking probably bad flow switch, or could it be the circulation pump is not pushing enough water? I tried running without the filter; same results. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! -Peter
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