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  1. I have leaks in my pool. I have hairline cracks at various parts of the pool, but at the deep end is where the cracks seem to be most evident. I have confirmed there is serious leakage in the deep end by digging out the plaster and concrete. The cracks were caused by the concrete breaking because the rebar has rotted away. This occurred because the rebar was placed on the dirt in some places. My thought was to fill in the deep end with 3' of road base (packed down with a vibrating compactor) so that I could level the pool out to about 5 feet. Then I would put about 2 inches of masonary sand. After that I would put about 6" to 8" of concrete with 1/2" rebar every 6". I would drill into the side of the pool to place the rebar to reinforce the concrete. Currently, the shallow end has been dug out down to the dirt so that I can level both ends of the pool with the road base. In effect, I will be covering the concrete at the deep end of the pool with road base and also at the shallow end where I took out the concrete to make it level. Finally, since the drain pipe is exposed at the shallow end, I plan to cut it and place it in the middle of the pool. Once that is done, I will replaster. Should I take out about 6 to 8 inches of the existing plaster along the side of the pool where the concrete will be poured so that newly poured concrete contacts the existing concrete, or will the rebar drilled into the side of the pool be sufficient to hold the concrete? Also, since I have to replaster, how should the existing plaster, above the concrete to be poured, be handled? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. karl