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  1. I took both wires off the breaker, turned the main back on and it tripped as sson as I tried to reset it. So I guess that's the least expensive fix I could hope for. Thank you
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. It is serial #GQ1D1276 I'll try both your Suggestions and see what happens.
  3. I have a 2005 Hot Springs Grandee Spa model 36675. A new Watkins no fault heater 4kw 240v was installed about 4years ago. The heater just stopped working. I checked the breaker and tried resetting it but it tripped immediately . The heater is on the 30 amp gfi breaker by GE. I tried resetting it after waiting a few minutes and it still tripped immediately. I put a tester on the circuit and that would light for an instant as soon as I tried to reset the breaker, but then the breaker would trip. I then disconnected all 3 heater wires from the control panel and the breaker still trip
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