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  1. Greetings. I have a Master Spa Twilight 7.2 that is just 6 months old. The circulation pump (with ozonenator) used to run 7x24 and it kept the water crystal clear but recently we are seeing that it is shutting off and doesn't start unless we change a setting like the temp and then from there, it will kick on for a bit and then turn off. Because of this, my water is not as clean/pure as it used to be. I called Master Spa who advised me to contact my seller. Seller setup a service call but for July 20th (ouch!). In the meantime, we've power cycled the unit, waited for hours before restarting it, changed the settings from Standard to Econ to Sleep, changed temps....but it still runs for just a short time then turns off. Any thoughts/ideas? I don't believe it is a pump issue as the primary, secondary and circulation pumps work fine. I'm suspecting a circuit board issue of sorts but just wanted to see if anyone else had any tricks. Take care.