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  1. Thank you so much for your guidance. I agree that the amount of DE returning to the pool should me minimal. I just glued what I could including the new spider gasket and am waiting for it to cure. We shall see! Maybe I'll have this pool ready for July 4th! Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for your response. The screen on air release is intact. O-ring is tight and no cracks. Gasket, however, is stretched a bit but I would think I would get water leak from top of canister and/or loss of pressure if that was an issue. I removed veriflow valve and the spider gasket is deformed on one section. After examining the inside, I noticed a crack in the plastic wall between two of the sections. The same wall with which the deformed section on the spider gasket was. New question... Can I glue the cracked section with hope of success? New one is $120-$150 Thanks again!
  3. I have a Hayward DE-4820 that's about 7 years old. Last year I noticed when I would add DE, a little amount would come back into the pool through the jets. This year, after cleaning the elements, when I added the DE, a bit more returned to the pool but would stop after a few minutes. Then, I started vacuuming the crap at the bottom and noticed some of the green/brown waste coming out of all the jets. I opened the filter again, disassembled the grids and cleaned them all and inspected all carefully andI found 2 with holes. I bought and replaced both bad ones and went through process again and the same thing happened. Is there anything else that would cause this? I don't want to have to replace all other elements and then find same thing again. Thanks.