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  1. ok i drained the water cleaned the spa have the test kit refilled the spa ph 7.1 alkalininty 320ppm hardness 470 ppm i have well water outside water by passes softner looks like i have to lower alk how do i do that thanks larry its a 300 gal spa
  2. can only do ph 8.1 and cl 3.0 was following these instructions http://www.poolandspa.com/page9.htm didnt say anything about sodium bromide startup.
  3. hi i bought a house that had a hot tub i drained it and noticed they where running it without the filter . I drained the hot tub cleaned it with spa cleaner filled it up added perfect ph, spa shock, bromine floater, metal out and put in the filter went to bed in the mourning i checked on the hot tub only heated to 71 degrees and the pump was pulsating turned off the hot tub took out the filter and it was clogged with a milky white substance left the filter out and it heated to 101 degrees pump ran OK cleaned the filter and reinstalled and the pump went back to pulsating threes also a white f
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