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  1. I tried taking out my cartridge filter and it broke off at the base . The male threaded part is now stuck in the female threaded part of the housing of the tub and when i tried to loosen it the whole female part started to move . I am at a loss as to what to do any advice would be appreciated !
  2. Yes the pump came with the cord attached and it is the same voltage . I know I cant think of anything . all the other jets work fine its just when the tub goes to prime and the new pump tries to kick in and it throws the breaker .
  3. I did try that and unfortunately it still trips Does it only trip when the new pump is pluged in/wired? Yes with the new pump unplugged it doesn't trip the breaker
  4. Well its been a while but here is an update on my situation : I ordered a new pump as Dusty Bill did and installed . As soon as the tub went through its preliminary tests and the circulation pump should kick in it trips the breaker . Now I am stumped I thought it might be a bad pump so I exchanged it for a new one and the same thing happens . Any ideas ?
  5. Well Bill we seem to have the same problem I sure would like to know how you make out .
  6. Well that didn't work ... I replaced the fuse and switched the ciculation mode swith (A9) off then on again now it shows code SnS . Any thoughts ?
  7. I just checked the same fuse , it doesn't look right ( the glass is clouded so you can't see the element inside ) Could this be the problem ? It looks like I have the same board as you do Bill. On my way to the hardware store also I'll post results later
  8. Yes my spa does have a Balboa system. I took the head of the circulation pump apart and found no debris and it seems to be spinning fine . So much for an easy fix . Is there anything else you think I could check ? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  9. thanks I will take a look at the pump tomorrow if I can find it . My spa is sunken into my deck so it will take a bit to get to it . I had some filter issues in the past so hopefully that will be the problem thanks again I'll let you know how i make out.
  10. I'm guessing yes as the heater always went off when the jets were running
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