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  1. My inground pool was opened last week. I have a Max E Therm heater and an Intellisense Control pad. I have the control pad set to heat the pool up to 82 degrees. The pool water was at 62F when I turned on the heater. The pool heated to 75F but won't heat any higher. I can hear the ETherm stop heating when we get to 75F (it says 75F on the ETherm LED panel). The Intellisense control pad states that the water is at 75F. Any ideas as to what could be causing this, or the best way to troubleshoot ?? thanks wjk
  2. Well I've tried several sensors now including the Pentair 520272. Still not working properly (= temp off by 30 to 40 degrees). Could it be that the control board that it wires into is bad ?? (the screw down post socket does seem a little loose). Any one have a good parts source for this Intellitouch control system ?? thanks, wk
  3. follow up on the questions above: * what % of the sensor body needs to be wet to get a reasonable reading ? * does the sensor tip need to be wet ? * i've noticed that my sensor is not installed at the top of the pipe ? the hole is drilled mid way down the pipe such that the sensor goes side to side and not top to bottom (i did not install the sensor). i assume this is part of my problem ? thanks, walter
  4. had a new water temp sensor installed. it goes from the filter inlet to the intellitouch panel. it takes a Very long time for my system to get anywhere close the the correct temperature, could be many hours. Questions : * how long should it take from the time the filter turns on in the morning till i have a reasonably accurate water temp reading ? * which is the correct water temp thermister for the intellitouch system 5i ?? Is it the 520272 or 520572 ? what is the difference between the two ?? * does my issue sound like a bad thermister ? thanks, walter
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