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  1. All FIxed! New Heater relay board. 10 minute install. Done! thanks for the help
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am sure you are correct. I inspected the heater relay board and the black wire that goes to main board was crusty and black. The wire was all melted on relay board side; i cleaned it up but still no heat beyond 93-4. Are those boards easy to replace? Thanks Sole
  3. I am chasing an issue with my 2003 Hot Springs Grandee. The hot tub is only heating to 90-94 and will occassionally reach 98. Symptoms: Heat will only increase with Jets on 94 degrees avg temp when thermostat set at 100 Took 3 days to come up to 90 degrees after refill all pumps and Ozone seem to be fine and running with no issue Running without fitlers installed- same result- low heat Bubbles are coming from bottom drain when main pumps off When I lower/raise thermostat I can hear and see heater LED come on and off I have turned off both mains 20 and 30 AMP to reset plus main on fuse box for 30 mins Remediation steps to date: cleaned all filters in proper way Replaced both thermistors first- no change Replaced heater - no change Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sole
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