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  1. We had a new pool installed last summer. All Jandy equipment - heater, aqua pure, pump, filter. We went a little overboard on the size and blew our pool budget for the automation features. I'm getting tried of turning the pump on/off. Trying to educate myself on Jandy remote control components however with so many options - I'm very confused. Can anybody recommend an inexpensive setup for the following: Pump Control Heater Control 1 value (deck jets) with Remote Control or iPhone Your advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. Cheers fellow swimming pool owners. I wanted to share a bad experience I have had with Poolsupplyworld.com. I purchased a swimming pool LED light transformer with a remote control. After just a few times of use, the remote control was splashed by a diver and stopped working. One would think a remote control for a swimming pool would be water proof - right? Especially, as this was an expensive unit. I contacted Pool Supply World for help. After two months of calls and run around, they DO NOT stand behind the products they sell. I am stuck with a $200+ broken remote. Beware when purchasing anything from Pool Supply World. Poor customer service.
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