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  1. Also, after the last 15 gallons of bleach I ran out..so I have been using the granular shock packets. That is what bubbles up and creates the white film, the bleach nor the liquid chlorine did that. It does seem like my CYA has gone up alot - I though when I tested yesterday it was only 60 but both readings today have been 110 so I am not sure if it was operator error or it increased that much over night. Or could it be because i switched to the shock packets instead of the liquid?
  2. Ok tested again this morning. Don't have the Taylor kit yet but picked up an HTH. Chlorine/Bromine 5 / 10 (highest yellow) PH 6.8- lowest level Alk 160 CYA 110 hardness 340 (was suppose to turn red if hardness present but started off purple)
  3. Hi I am new to the forum, although I had been reading alot of existing posts. I could not find much on this topic though. I had 100's of dead worms float up when I shocked the pool on opening. I got them out and thought I was headed in the right direction, water turned a blueish gray although still very cloudy. Figured there are more onthe bottom I would get when it cleared up and I vacumned. (18x36 pool ~28,000 gallons). Used 4lb. bags of shock from intheswim, algacide, clarifier. Then it started to turn green again (still cloudy) so added 3 more bags of shock. Got greener and using a dipstick that showed no FC but right amount of total chlorine. Added 8 gallons of liquid chlorine and still showing no FC and getting greener and still cloudy. Few more worms and debris floating up. Added 15 gallons of bleach (equal to about 8 more gallons liquid chlorine from what I read) still no change. Took advise of this site and got a real test kit but only had oto chloring test - showed yellow that I have chlorine - but it seems like this measures total chlorine which I already knew I had. Added 3 shock bags and the granulars itself turned a milky white and then started bubbling up and created a white film over the pool. It sucked into the filter and disappeared. Pool still green and cloudy. Read to keep shocking 3x a day - did 2 more times and each time same bubbly reaction with white film ( few more worms and debris to surface). That is ALOT of chlorine in that pool..... do I continue....
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