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  1. Looking at a used 2003 Hotsprings Prodigy for $3500 vs new 2012 Jetsetter or Limelight for almost double that ($6600/$6000). All are from a reputable dealer. The used Prodigy was (reportedly) well taken care of; owner traded for new smaller HS tub when moving from large home to a townhome. It comes with 1 year warranty. I'd like a 7 - 10 year life for the tub. Thoughts?
  2. I'm purchasing my first hot tub. I've researched for awhile and based on size desired, dealer availability and cost have narrowed down to the Marquis Spirit or the HotSprings Jetsetter. Both of these are 3/4 person tubs, which is all I need. - I've wet-tested the Spirit and like it. I've found posts here and elsewhere about the Jetsetter but haven't wet-tested yet. Though I haven't wet-tested both yet, comments lead me to believe the jets on the Spirit are more what I'm looking for - there are low-back jets and leg jets on the Spirit, which the Jetsetter doesn't have. - I've read that I shou
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