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  1. Has anyone ever come acreoss this problem before? I purchased a new pressure switch and the exact same thing happens as with the old pressure switch. After about an hr the panel locks out with FLO constant. Recirc pump is still running. I unplug a lead at the pressure switch and spa kicks on with FLO flashing. I plug back in the lead and the display is normal and heater is working. After about an hr (sometimes sooner/longer) the panel locks out with FLO constant. I had the recirc pump .4amp plugged into J14. Recirc pump stopped working. Still have 120v to recirc pump. Purchased new recirc p
  2. I have plumbed solar into my spa. I have yet to install the panels and utilize the motor and controls. During the winter of course their is no solar gain so it is off and winterized. During the summer I will bypass my heaterall together and just let the solar do its thing. Usually 85 - 95 is a good temp. during a warm day. If at night i want it hotter I will open the bypass valves to my heater.
  3. Hey Village. Recieced my new test kit today. Here are the #s Ph 7.6 Alk 80ppm CH 20ppm Br 5.5 According to my charts it had a saturation of .9 What should I be concerned about? At this point in time i think I have almost experienced everything wrong. Tub has been great since our last postings.
  4. I have a few questions. Spa has been great. About 6 of us were floating around in it the other night watching the stars it was great! Ph 7.2 TA 80 Bromine 2 Shocked it yesturday. Spa has been getting a lot of use. Water is slightly cloudy But all levels seem good. Questions: How often do I have to shock? How often do I have to establish a reserve? What can I add to clear the cloudiness. I have some clear and sparkle and some scum buster. Should I be using these products and would they do anything? Would these products have any effect on the Ph or TA levels? Should be recieving my new test
  5. Well I did it!!! Wooohoooo Took trial and error 4 times drain and fill. Right now TA 80 Ph 7.4 Bromine very high due to shock Water crystal clear Appreciate all your help. Thank you Also took your advice and upgraded my taylor kit to the one you suggested K - 2106... Happy swimming Will be in touch
  6. How can I lower my Ta without lowering my Ph?
  7. Ph 7.8 Ta 260 Bromine 1 even though I added a reserve and shocked Water is a bluish coloer with white film on top
  8. I do have the K 1004 test kit. Ta is 120 after adding the recommended dosage of Borax to get it to that level my water has a white film on it now. Ph is low will need to areate the tub but my pumps are currently not working. Any suggestions? Added Sodium bromide for the boost and shocked with 6% bleach which turned the water green tint. Only put in the recommended dosage. My bromine levels are still high. Seems I am almost their but not quite. This stuff is probly easier to do in a 3-400 gallon hot tub. When you add something to make a change in the water how long do you wait for a correct wat
  9. OK now its been a few days since our last chat. I have filled the tub but being a rookie especially with 3800 gallons it is a little difficult to get the Ta Ph in line. Almost their. All stains are gone!!! Can you tell me how much baking soda, Muratic acid, bleach, And borax to use per gallons to either lower Ph and or Ta and boost. If I had a typical spa we would be talking table spoons but everything I have read calls for cups! Thanks for all your help and support.
  10. Appreciate your help. In the process of draining. Will try the Vitamin C rub. Most stains are gone. As far as the gel coat I was very adimate about not to scratch. And your right what is left I can live with it. As time progresses maybe it will bleach out on its own. Thanks
  11. Yes This morning it looked a lot better. Not perfect but better. Appreciate what you have done for me so far.
  12. I did add some Ph plus to keep the Ph from going below 7.2. My last tests which have been pretty much consistant all day are Ta 30ppm and Ph 6.8-7.2. Have been babysitting this all day and have seen little to know affect. Doesnt the acid demand test show me how to lower the Ph when my Ph is already too low? You asked me to keep it between 7.2 - 7.4 at which i have been trying. I am at a loss now
  13. Just asking if 6.5oz is enough vitamin C. Also if the Ph drops how much Ph plus should I add? 3800 gallons. Ta is 20ppm and Ph is 7.2 Ph after adding the vitamin C
  14. Just wanted to say thank you for helping me out. The fact that this happened has really stress me out. Tried the vitamin C rub and it seemed to be white in those spots. In answering to your previous post The swim spa is fiberglass white. i do have a boiler with copper heat exchanger. My Ph was very low and no test strips. Taylor K 1004. I dont think I dumped any acid in. I was trying to raise the Ph and alkaline levels. At that time the Bromine was 1 Ph was a very yellow 6.8 and the alkaline test was automatically red never green. Good guessing but you were close. Boiler is not leaking t
  15. Do you think it is possible to get the stains out after filling? 4000 gallons is a lot of water to fill and empty? Are you thinking that the tub chemicals will naturally bleach it out? Will be filling tonight as you originally suggested. Takes 5 hrs to fill. Thank you
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