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  1. Figured I'd made calcium carbonate. Will it go away? Not familiar with Taylor K-2006. What would it tell me and what would I do based on the results?
  2. Yes I had a brain fart. And I'm very much a noob at this stuff. Recent thunderstorm, and I hadn't checked my chemicals in a while, we had a nice sunny day so I decided to get the pool ready for use. I checked and had no chlorine (test kit doesn't differentiate between free and total), ph 7.2, TA 120. This is a 3500 gal vinyl sided endless pool. I recall being told because it's vinyl I need to run my pH levels in the higher range -- 7.6 to 7.8. Well, I put a chlorine pellet in, but I also shocked it, the shock was calcium hypochlorite. I had a brain fart and also addded ph up at the same time -- calcium carbonate. Of course everything turned white. From the littte I can recall of high school chem I suspect I've made a bunch of calcium ions or insoluble calcium compounds (calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate?) . I know, it was stupid of me, I know I'm only supposed to do one chem at a time and wait a day, I just totally messed up. What should I do now?? I've left my filter on, but it is it getting now gunked up with insoluble calcium compounds? I live in an area with no calcium in the water naturally (Hawaii) so have never had to worry about hard water or too much calcium, until now. Can anyone give me advice on how to proceed? Should I turn off the filter, drain 1/3 the water, and re-fill, to dilute everything, then start over? Or give it 24 hours (with/without filter?) and see if it clears up? Thanks in advance!